Create Your Life Every Day And Watch Even More Magic Happen

Apr 30, 2020 | Creativity, Prosperity

This struck me like a lightning bolt.

We are all art, and if we look at each day as an opportunity to create that art as we wish, the sky’s the limit as to what we can do!

I’ve been blown away from emails and posts from people who have been doing the Feng Shui in the Camps and even the FREE videos (*the next series of FREE videos is about setting up your space to make big breakthroughs, and you can grab them here).

Doubling income, getting new jobs, big assignments, big positive changes… in the midst of a huge global crisis, nonetheless.

I don’t take credit for that, but I do know that when you decide to engage in deliberately creating your life, amazing things happen!

That’s what today’s Feng Shui is all about!

Gather up creative tools– whatever you can find!

I pulled apart my pantry to prepare for an Instagram Live last week with my dear friend and lightning bolt of creativity, Tara Stiles. This is my way of creating abundance. Yes, I have an abundance of markers, bay leaves, salt and water here, but I’ve found ways to use even the simplest of these to make life-changing shifts in space… and the abundance of these made our IG Live so much more fun.

(Before I go further: there are a several beyond-exciting IG lives ahead on the calendar this month, and you can find me here @thetaoofdana!)

Insist on new things every day.

Doing just one new thing every day can be a catalyst for big changes!

Don’t underestimate the power of taking a new walk, cooking up something new, creating a new wish list…

Whatever it is, it will be effective! You won’t let ruts of doing the same-same-same become entrenched in your life.

Amp up your electrical energy.

You are all electricity. Energy. Dynamism.

Free flowing energy is what creates abundance of all kinds.

Whether you try eating more fruit or run up and down a hill eight times a day like one of my best friends is doing right now, anything that brings you energy in a natural way will bring you more creative power.

Decide very clearly what you want to create and don’t focus on the details and mechanics to begin.

While this isn’t the full picture of making things happen, it’s the most advantageous way to start!

Now: make a plan and get into it.

Stay invested in each step. Don’t overload yourself. Pour your energy behind each thing.

Whether it’s walking your dogs or writing a novel, this investment of your focused energy is potent.

The key is to stay as open and relaxed as possible. Breathe when you feel panic. Brainstorm when you feel stuck. Stretch into new possibilities.

It’s freeing, it’s exciting and it can help you to create anything you need at any time you need it!

Do a little more of it every day and soon you’ll be inventing and reinventing opportunities and experiences freely all day long!



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Gather up your magic & make gorgeous dreams come true!

xoxo Dana


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