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May 6, 2020 | Creativity


Freshness is what we always need, perhaps now more than ever.

Elevating and aligning our energy — being radiant and focused– is the most powerful combination for creating more love, abundance, art and all great things.

In my way of Feng Shui that’s focused on pure empowerment, everything starts with the highest, lightest and clearest of energy.

We need a full-spectrum of energy. Just like a color wheel, every color relates to another, and if you were to pull a colors out of the wheel you may lose other colors in the process that rely on that color for their hue.

Full spectrums of energy come from a full life experience.

If you pile all your energy into work, even if you love your work, you’ll be imbalanced over time. Your body might suffer. Your relationships might dive. You may lose your spark. You might feel disconnected from your mission, lost in the grind.

We need a full spectrum of color, energy, excitement and rest.

We need to give as well as to receive, to help and to be helped, to create lots and also to do absolutely nothing sometimes.

Luckily we know when things are off: we get sick of work, too tired to wake up, we get hungry, we miss people, we feel things are not fulfilling.

When I’d ignore those signs and power through them I’d wind up burned out, deeply upset, creatively blocked or other, bigger, more hard-to-ignore situations would crop up to stop me in my tracks and urge me to get myself back to balance.

Our emotions let us know when we’re out of alignment even before our life gives us bigger hints.

If you’re looking to generate fresh energy in the most meaningful ways, start by listening to how you feel.

Now, once you’ve acknowledged it’s time for more alignment in life in one way or many, it’s easier to make positive changes.


Here are some Feng Shui ideas to bring fresh energy everywhere:

Try eating more rainbows.  

This is one of my favorite ways to use “color therapy” to energize my life. Rainbow salads, bright smoothies, colorful plates of fruit. It’s all both easy and deeply rejuvenating.

Drink more water.

It strengthens our intuition as it hydrates and purifies us! It’s such a blessing to have clean drinking water and not something to ignore.

Change your daily habits.

If you do the same things, the same things will happen. I know that you know this, but I’ve seen people declare that they’re ready for huge life changes and, yet, they continue to do the same things every day.


More sunshine brings you color. Color is energy. Sunshine is a great energy-bringer. Try to get as much of it as possible every day!

Align your chakras!!!

This might sound esoteric, but the easy way to start is to ask yourself:

Do my thoughts, words and actions correspond with what I want?

From here, you can make amazing positive changes.

If you come to see that you’re incredibly self-critical, change can begin here. If you find that your actions are always forced, you can commit to stop forcing yourself to do things, finding more appealing ways to get the job done.

You get the picture: once you see where things have been off track, languishing in sameness or sort of lackluster, you can make simple changes that change everything!!!

The alignment you gain– along with glowing radiance and focus– works like magic to bring manifesting power to your life.

As we head into new seasons ahead, may this peaceful, powerful, creative alignment be our biggest guide!



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