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May 17, 2020 | Prosperity

This is the “forever season.”

The season where everything is always working out is the very best season.

Today’s energy shifting is all about making more things go right for you every single day, powered by your creativity.

(manifestation babe)

This is the hardest concept I’ve ever had to both internalize and live in real life: there are things that can’t be controlled.

It took me what feels like a lifetime to realize that this did not mean that life was out of control.

I started off in many ways in life by wanting total control. I was a reaction to feeling there was no sense of control around me as a kid growing up. It was the New Jersey form of the Wild West in my life and it was riddled with adversity that would no longer be a part of my life.

As soon as I had cash in my pocket I’d pay any tarot reader or psychic with a track record to guarantee the way things would unfold. I avoided romantic relationships that had variables that felt they’d throw me off my course of certainty. I made it a mission to single-mindedly focus and hyper-prepare. Fun was not a part of this equation. My version of fun was achievement.

When the achievement got big enough, though, and I was still finding myself unfulfilled, that’s when things became wobbly.

Was this the way things would have to be? Was this as good as it gets?

Of course it wasn’t, but I needed my creativity back in order to go further and feel excited about it.

Creativity goes dormant when control gets intensified.

I read about it in Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way  20 years ago.

It hit me intellectually but I didn’t really know how to live it.

That seems to be a theme in a lot of wellness these days. It’s easy to know so much data, but to do it/use it/make it your own is something else completely.

Instead of knowing how to live with my creativity active and alive– being more in the flow of things and making great things happen- I had bursts of creativity that would, consequently, send my life spinning out of control.

And, bursts of “picking up the pieces” and getting “serious” would follow.

What a thankless cycle went on for years!

So, I could never make progress creatively and I couldn’t ever feel fulfilled with my hyper-control state, either.

I share this because I hear it over and over and over again.

Turns out it’s not unique to me.

What I learned the long and hard way was that creativity– and the energy and commitment I put behind things– was essential. Without it, I was just being robotic, leaving myself and my uniqueness out of the equation. Nothing I did that was “extremely serious” and rigid was successful.

Creativity actually brings more control to life.

You step into the role of the maker of your reality. You become resourceful, innovative and flexible. You don’t try to predict the future. Instead, you set out every day to write the future in ways you want to experience things.

If you want to start experiencing a little more of this in action, feeling the difference in things when you’re creatively invested in making them:

Cook something and really get into the process and see how different it tastes when you stir your own flourishes into the mix. Even a salad can become a work of art as you pull it together.

Pay more attention when you do basic things like shampooing your hair, making it more of a creative event (albeit small) and see what the results are. (Note: this changed my hair for the better!)

Write out your to–do list every day in colors or make it more fancy and fresh in a fun way of some kind. Do you feel more drawn toward it?

Let yourself be yourself — free, fun, curious and exploring– and see where that leads you.

Keep expanding, putting your creative signature on more and more things that you do every day.

Easing into more creative energy will, most certainly, make your days feel better and better.

What happens next– all the synergy and sparks and opportunities and ideas and manifestation– will grow more and more amazing!



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