Have You Been Stopping Yourself From Doing What You Want To Do?

May 23, 2020 | Creativity

There’s so much talk abut blocks in the mind, all kinds of outside forces making it impossible to live our dreams and enjoy our days.

None of this is a thing you need to concern yourself with.

The more I’ve concerned myself with the reasons why I can’t do something the more I have found. It’s quite endless, and it doesn’t lend itself to anything fun or even remotely productive.

I’m not implying that there aren’t big reasons to dig deep (with professional help when needed) and clear your life of trauma and any other unhealed emotional issues– this is always incredible and vital to your happy, healthy life.

What I’m saying is: there’s no need to completely clear all of these things BEFORE you’re allowed to step into more success however you define it.

One of the darkest parts of self-help as I’ve both experienced and observed it is a pervasive notion that you must root out “blocks” of all kinds from your life before you can be happy, radiant and glowing with success.

In nutrition, I’ve seen it said about carbs, fruit, dairy, protein, fats and sugars of all kinds. You are absolutely likely to feel better when you eat less candy and drink more water.

But, you can be the picture of health and still eat some cake. Not a lot of people talk about it, but it’s true.

In business, I’ve seen this applied to money in a way that has spun out so many people that I’ve met, leaving them in constant fear of “money blocks.” I bet you will find it even easier or less emotionally-charged if you untangle some unhelpful ides about money that you’ve picked up in your childhood or your life.

That said, I know near-billionaires with more hangups and what would be called “money blocks” than the average person with a fraction of a bank account.

In love, there are certain processes and steps talked about to maximize your ability to manifest the best partner, and many of them include learning to speak and act (and even dress) in ways that are the opposite of who you are.

Then, there’s the multitude of stories of happy couples meeting in Target, the grocery store or the DMV in sweats, possibly not in the best mood and definitely not glammed up.

Most of the people I know who “have it all” do eat the cake if they’re not allergic (!), they do have money and still have some issues around it that they will or won’t confront at some point and they are 100% themselves with their partners, glamorous if they want to be and comfortable with themselves most of the time.

Where did these all-or-nothing paradigms come from of all-or-nothing?

No idea. I suspect many places. But that doesn’t matter.

What I do know for myself to be true is that every time I didn’t “manifest” something it had nothing to do with how perfect I was on any level.

It had everything to do with how I felt about me and what I was doing.

When I felt excited, grounded, present, and grateful– more open, curious and even comical– the world opened up to me. Most of the time things are way far from perfect but they’re incredibly awesome.

When I felt stressed, self-bashing, perfectionistic, striving to eliminate every “block” to fix my “broken self”– that was really unproductive and quite trying.

There’s nothing wrong with polishing up your nutrition, clearing old money paradigms on an emotional level, glamming yourself up or any of it. Not at all.

Things only become wrong when those things are being done as a pre-condition to thriving.

Perfect is incredibly boring and incredibly unattainable. It swallowed up a lot of over a decade of my life.

I’d rather spend my time now being creative, curious, learning and hopefully being helpful to people in the process.

The better I feel, the better everything goes.

I stopped standing directly in my own way, using “self-help” as an excuse for why I wasn’t ready for so many things.

I wasn’t ready because I didn’t want to be ready at that time. I didn’t want to fail or screw up or do the wrong things. It was a lot easier to blame my money blocks and a whole lot of other things for why I didn’t try.

I know the world is full of challenges. Those challenges become so much easier to dissolve and/or overcome when you are choosing more and more to be the creator of your life.

Do more of what makes you happy. Feel better. And, step in the driver’s seat of your life.

You can always do self-inquiry and lots of betterment work that’s incredibly empowering.

But, you don’t have to have any or all of it done to start making breakthroughs right now!


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