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Jun 10, 2020 | Creativity

If you’re in the midst of huge personal change or you’re simply feeling the rocking earth under your feet from so much happening at once in the world, and even if the change you feel is all deeply positive, you’ll benefit from being more present.

If you’re simply going through the average day, doing what you normally do, and maybe feeling like there’s not much excitement, you’ll benefit from being more present.

These days, if you’re looking to disconnect and get “lost” for a while, you don’t need to go far to find the distractions–

Turn on your phone and check the news. Catch up on social media and witness the turmoil in the comment section. Watch a little “Netflix” time turn into a lost day of Netflix. Get into video games and get out of the everyday issues.

And on and on… there are so many ways to “check out” of life every day.

The more you do it as an everyday coping mechanism, the more it becomes seductive and even addictive.

Nothing is wrong with phones, news, Netflix, social media or video games except for the way those of us, even with the best intentions, use them.

Today, we’re talking about checking in. Powerful presence is the energy shift of every day that will light up your life.

I just finished reading Quentin Vennie’s book “Strong In the Broken Places,” and by reading I mean I sat down to read it once, could barely put it down and then, today, spend the afternoon in one place as the hours melted into one and I reached the last page.

Memoirs that go deep are always mesmerizing to me, but this one had a wisdom and directness that was epic.

I won’t ruin the book for you– yet I’ll say that the second line of the title is “a memoir of addiction and redemption through wellness.”

After detailing a riveting story of overcoming and transcending so much since childhood, these lines leapt out at me:

“Anxiety rests in the future, depression rests in the past and possibility rests in the present. If you learn how to capitalize on and find comfort in even uncomfortable situations, you can maximize the present moment.”

Needless to say, I highly recommend this book.

I also had to go find my phone to include the photo of this book in this article, because I hadn’t touched it in six hours.

That felt extremely satisfying.

I’m grateful that iPhones and iPads didn’t exist when I was a kid. It forced me to play games, make art and read books. I learned how to cook from my Grandma downstairs. I started running. I listened to music.

I didn’t have quick ways to escape as a kid and that was key to my creative development. And, while I found many more of them as an adult– the distractions, time sucks and even toxic relationships that can pull you right out of presence and suck you into a negative vortex– I know I’m my most powerful when there are none.

There are a few things I look at when I start to lose my focus and feel “absent” from myself —

Have I let distractions take me over? Do I really feel worthy of the things I’m wanting or working toward? Have I been doing things that are not aligned with me?

These are a few questions I ask myself, among others more directly related to the specific situation, and your questions may be totally different.

But, the larger question is always this:

Why don’t I want to show up?

I started listening to my reasons why more and more over the years, especially in the last few, instead of talking myself into carrying forward when things jut weren’t for me.

I stopped showing up for things that weren’t for me, even if it made no rational sense. I started trusting myself more. And, I started working on being more present.

Shut off your phone for as much of the day as possible.

Straighten up your house when you feel compelled to get lost in distractions that pull you out of your mind.

Embrace more silence, even and especially if it’s a little uncomfortable.

You don’t have to turn your world upside down all at once to get to a place of more presence, but the more present you become the more you’ll want to feel that feeling.

Glowing. Dynamic. Radiant. Confident. Creative.

At home.

And, now is always the best time to show up for this moment.



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