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Jun 12, 2020 | Creativity

Every one of us is incredibly unique in our talents and life experiences, and embracing that uniqueness can be the beginning, or the resurgence, of incredible momentum and creative energy.

While we’re often bombarded with standards of how todo things and even definitive steps to take in a certain order to get a certain result and so much more, I think it’s a safe but sweeping statement to say that following a strict formula isn’t a road to any kind of thrilling personal self-actualization.

It leaves you out of the equation.

That’s why I’ve stripped so much dogma and strict rules from Feng Shui that were not a part of it’s essence — they were superimposed by others and they created limitations.


What’s going to make the big dreams come true? What’s the formula for transformation? What’s the secret to being effective, fulfilled and all the rest?

I have no answers because there’s no one answer.

But, I’ve found a lot of ways, personally, to experience so much more of what I wanted. I’ve seen thousands of people over the years do the same in their own ways.

Today’s Feng Shui starts with you.

There are definitely best practices to do so many things like, pre-heating an oven if you want it to be hot enough to bake your cake, learning techniques and methods that can give you a foundation in your work and the like.

But then, there’s this big unknown to becoming “successful.” You can have all the best practices and still see less-than-magnificent results, you know? You can work unbelievably hard and not see the progress.

I spend a long time looking for some sort of roadmap outside of myself that I thought was missing from my childhood or my education or… something I just didn’t know and desperately needed to know.

It wasn’t there. And, I nearly died (quite literally) scouring everyplace I could find looking for these life secrets.

What I did find:

When I gave up on “trying to be something” or find some magic secret and focused only on what was truly important to me was that just about everything became immensely easier.

Your talents are extremely valuable and you may have put them aside at some point, even before you started school.

I just watched an Art History lecture from my favorite college professor and I can tell you it brought me right back to the classroom where I felt electrified by ideas and possibilities. I realized that, in a wild way, that’s what my whole career has become– that electric of possibility working with people and spaces to create new ways of living and creativity.

It took me years of searching outside of myself for a place to “fit myself in” that seemed to be nowhere to realize that I needed to create this place for myself.

I didn’t see until literally moments ago that, very precisely, I hadn’t “created” a whole new career 15 years ago– this work is an extension of who I was at my core for as long as I can remember.

Coming back to yourself and your unique brilliance is always deeply empowering. It can even steer you onto paths you never thought of and never imagined before for yourself; I’ve seen it happen more times than I can count…!

Here are some of the very simple questions that can help you reconnect– or connect more strongly– to that creative electricity.

Where did you (or do you) feel most alive and engaged in every way in your life?

Do you do those things? Do you lean into them? Are they something that you don’t have time for or can’t do for some reason at the moment?

How can you bring the essence of it– how it makes you feel– into your life every day?

Do you see these things– whether it’s the subject or the feeling– prominently in your home? Is there a way you can bring more of that feeling to your space?

Do you have a lot of things you do all the time that aren’t meaningful or even remotely effective, things you do because you feel that you “should” do them?

Living with and doing much more of this deep core passionate stuff that you love is life-changing.

Also, un-learning old habits, patterns and ideas that separate you from everything that’s most important to you is essential for life-changing in all ways.

I’ve been doing a lot of deep decluttering of life these days, and the more I find and unwind things that were taught to me in many ways that are not aligned with who I am, the more energy and possibility comes back to me.

This decluttering starts when you hook back into– or even more powerfully into– your deep passions.

This alone can bring a whole new dimension of power to every day.

The decluttering ramps up when you can see what’s out of alignment in your life and strip away all the ideas and habits that have created this lack of alignment.

This decluttering is never “done” but it’s always wildly exciting, life-expanding and amazing.

You don’t need to change who you are. You’re already unstoppably powerful, and the only secret that’s not really a secret to using more of that power is to allow yourself to be yourself.



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