Three Home Habits That Can Increase The Energy Flow Of Prosperity In Your Life!

Jun 24, 2020 | Prosperity

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I’m big on flow. Whether it’s how communication flows or productivity flows, love or money flows, all things to do with abundance in Feng Shui come back to this idea of flow.

There are a few home habits that have been increasing my flow, and I’m excited to share them today. Yes, they’re easy, but if you aren’t doing them on a regular basis, you’ll likely (as I have) feel the giant shift when you begin and continue!

Opening the windows. I told you, this isn’t some mystery secret roundup. Even if it’s possible for a few minutes in the winter as well as the summer, opening windows and inviting in the flow of fresh air is game-changing.

If you’re unable to open lots of windows, it’s a great idea to tun on a fan or two to let the energy flow freely.

Flowing energy = flowing abundance.

Dusting. All those places that don’t get dusted (up high on shelves, down low on the baseboards) are huge opportunities to create big freshness.

But, basic daily dusting for a few minutes (start up higher and then go lower because the dust will settle!) can be a regular process of freshness and flow. Yes, it doesn’t always seem “necessary” but I’ve found that by the time it feels “necessary” my house feels less-than-awesome.

I also wipe down countertops completely (desk, coffee table, kitchen, dining room) every day for a few minutes to either start or end the day with a clean slate.

Fluff and Fold. Here’s where it gets interesting for me. I fluff my bedding every day, but I’ve neglected fluffing sofa pillows, throw blankets, and the like for long stretches of time.

Fluffing keep things from getting stagnant. You can shake out the energy that’s overstayed it’s welcome. It’s a dose of renewal. And it takes a minute.

Not only have I taken to fluffing everything now for a moment every day, I’m embracing lots more folding. Does your linen closet need to be folded a bit (or a lot) better? Do your drawers need some folding (or rolling, per the Marie Kondo method)?

After re-folding a closet full of linens and re-folding (and, incidentally, de-cluttering) a whole armoire full of shirts and sweaters, the energy in these areas of my home has hot a new level.

It wasn’t bad before– but it’s really excellent now!

And, I’m just getting started.

You don’t need to become stringent about these things– do them because they feel good and bring instant positive results.

They do, and you’ll see it when you do these home habits (or others you know are suited for you) in a flow every day.

I told you these are not so out of the ordinary, but as I maintain these more and more on a regular basis (not when things build up to the point of “oh, I haveee to do this now!) there’s been more way more momentum building every day.

Things don’t have a chance of getting “stuck” and building up. Nothing will weigh you down.

And, you’ll be practicing the art of organizing. This skill, when practiced, translates in epic ways throughout your whole life!

Little time and energy = big impact.

That’s always a great equation!



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