5 Simple Life Skills To Master That Can Revolutionize The Flow Of Your Life!

Jun 29, 2020 | Creativity

There are simple life skills you can master to make life so much easier. 

Ultimately, your life is unique and the skills you things you need to know in order to thrive are very specific to you.

That said, today I wanted to share a few life skills that I struggled to master (or resisted fiercely!) that have each make every day more magnetic!

Not all may apply to you, but these have been so vital that I know that if I had these simple life skills, my life path would have sped up dramatically. So, you may find some of value to explore! 

Maintaining strong + healthy personal boundaries.

For real, this is a life skill to master. Strong, healthy boundaries can create unstoppable energy every day!

Being able to keep your energy strong with many distractions, lots of random directions to be pulled in, and way too much content flying at us is a skill in itself.

Being able to navigate away from too much of the pull of other people’s demands on your time, energy and bandwidth is a whole other brilliant skill.

More on this is HERE.

Learning to use a schedule/calendar for yourself (not just for work).

I resisted a schedule tremendously for so long that I definitely missed out on a lot, and when my life got even busier with work and career, the very idea of a personal schedule seemed silly.

That might have been the biggest red flag I missed before an epic period of burnout ensued.

Schedule time for all the things you love and need and want to do for yourself. You’ll be the master of your life more and more every day.

There are so many great planners, or, very simply, you can use a digital calendar.

Thoughtfully (not unrealistically) schedule things that are important to you. For instance, if you know it takes more than 30 minutes to take a bath and get ready for bed, give yourself the full hour you need. If not, your schedule will be pointless and self-defeating. Trust me on this, I learned the hard way.

Keep an eye on your personal schedule because it’s just as important as work!

This gets way easier with time. You’ll start to factor in time you spend on social media for fun, downtime, and even extra time to sleep and you’ll get so much done with ease that you won’t want to stop.

Getting excellent at house cleaning.

Yes, really get good at cleaning.

Google: How to make a bed. How to mop the floors. How to dust.

And on and on. With each Google you’ll learn a few methods that may be unappealing and a few tips that make your time cleaning so much more effective.

It’s also way way way more fun to do things when you’re really good at them!

Becoming skilled at (*at least) the basics of cooking.

I used to — and oh do I miss those days with every cell in my body– call my Mom to learn how to cook basic things I never learned before. Now, I call my friend Chloe who is gratefully masterful at so many dishes and basics.

While practice makes perfect, it’s incredibly empowering to learn how to cook the basics. Whether it’s how to scramble eggs or how to sauté vegetables, knowing these core basics really well will serve you brilliantly.

Now, when I don’t know “what to eat” I can pull something great together with pretty much anything that’s in my refrigerator and that is a huge win every time!

Truly learn to use your computer/tablet/phone to the fullest.

So many people, including me for a while, have embraced the idea of simply “not being tech savvy.”

While you may not become a world-class coder or computer scientist, you can certainly learn how to use your phone, computer or tablet to it’s fullest potential.

The reason these devices are so expensive is the host of features they have that many of us don’t know about. I had no idea about half the things my phone can do, and I’m just scratching the surface of the tools my computer provides to me.

Every new thing I learn is a big win.

So, if you feel “not too tech savvy” you can change that today!

Read some articles about your devices. Ask friends for tips and tricks.

You’ll start using your tech with more confidence and, as a result, you’ll be more effective and less resistant when it comes to new ways of communicating and connecting.

While these may seem like incredibly basic basics, just imagine what it will be like when you’ve got tons of time for yourself, you’re able to do your work and life admin with way more skill, you can whip up whatever you need and want in the kitchen and your energy is beaming even stronger.

While life can be full of challenge, sometimes a practice of the most simple life skills can make challenges less daunting. 

All of this can spark so much personal revolution if there’s even one simple skill that calls to you that you can expand on in your own life. It doesn’t have to be mentioned above, it just needs to resonate with you!



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