Is It Time To Declutter Your Goals?

Jul 4, 2020 | Creativity

Is it time to declutter your goals?

I’ve been talking about “total commitment” a whole lot lately because it’s been riveting and illuminating to see just how committed I am to certain things, yet I’m really not at all committed when it comes to others.

I’ve been either on the fence or barely even approaching the fence of several big projects and goals that have been on my list for a long time.

I didn’t realize that at all until I looked at the short list of things I would love to create in a year and realized that in this extraordinary year, several of these goals have been nothing more than a “talking point” for me.

I haven’t taken action. I haven’t showed up. I haven’t even made a plan to start.

Yet, I have caught myself complaining on several occasions:  “When is this thing going to happen?”

So, I decided to edit my list down to several big things to really master– in action– by the end of the year.

The idea was to eliminate a lot of extras and get totally focused, 100,000%.

It may be time to declutter your goals, too. 

This new focus took some time to sort out and decide. Yet, it was one of my best life moves to date – a total energy shift that’s nothing short of a revolution.

While you can accomplish many many things in a week, a month, a day or a year, it’s incredibly helpful to have one or just a few points of deep focus– goals that are very clear. 

Otherwise, you might be scattered, spread too thin and juggling too much at once.

I started with editing about seven big work projects down to four big work projects.  I edited six big things to-do down to just two big personal ones.

That’s a big drop.

It felt instantly liberating. I could really see my path forward. I had energy.

Not only that: I can do very thorough research now, I can make more plans that are actionable and I feel so much more brilliant.  Finally, I only have a few big things to focus on.

Do you need to declutter your goals so that you can actually do them?

I also thought a lot about my level of commitment to certain things.

For example: I am in love with my exercise routine for the first time in ages to the point where I compete against my personal best in every class. I’m so psyched abut it that I’m adding in more fun components I’ve always wanted to try.

This is all-in. It’s hard to imagine skipping it. It’s incredible to celebrate every bit of progress.

If you’re looking to make real breakthrough-size strides, you want this feeling, or feelings like it where you can’t be and won’t be stopped.

That is magnetic and undeniable energy.

What I also realized: I’m not at all committed to an art practice I thought I’d take far more seriously this year. Because I needed it to be serious, I never got started. Now that I’m viewing it as pure fun, I’m excited to do it… and I might just learn, grow and make some awesome stuff now that I’m not trying to make things happen that aren’t meant to be serious right now.

Are there things that are best as hobbies or passions for pure pleasure right now that you’ve tried to take seriously that are so much more fun when they’re pure pleasure?  Let them be pure pleasure!

Editing a list of goals may seem so simple, but this bit of life-de-cluttering can be the game-changing difference for creating success in all ways.

If I hadn’t done it, I know that, right about now, I’d be feeling defeated even though so many good things are getting done because there would be so much that wasn’t even remotely getting done.

It was all kinds of chaos. And, for me, a not-so-subtle form of self-sabotage.

Free yourself to have major success!

If you need to edit your own list, I’d love to hear how you feel when you’re done.




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