Do You Need A Sign From The Universe?

Jul 7, 2020 | Sensory Goodness

Do you need a sign from the Universe?

Today we’re going to talk about communicating with the universe to tap into your intuition and also create your life more and more every day!

First, let’s talk about asking for the signs you may need or want that you’re on the right track, making the right decisions for you or aiming in the best directions for you.

To do this, it can be very simple. I like to add a time deadline to it so it’s also efficient.

An example:

I’d like a sign that this is a beneficial relationship for me to have in my life. I’d like the sign to be clear for me to understand and I would like to receive this sign today.

That’s it.

Sometimes I write it down. Sometimes I say it out loud. I just make sure I’m definitively asking and wanting the sign no matter what it is.

Then, I see what happens.

The feedback is sometimes instant and always really incredible.

It can be — articles that pop up online, a phone call or text, running into someone, finding something, seeing a cloud pattern, having a sudden strong feeling that can’t be ignored…

All of it, and so much more, is your answer. 

When you need a sign from the Universe, it’s there for you.  

I’m always so grateful for this guidance and confirmation.

I actually believe, personally, that it’s my own energy field bringing things to light for me.

However you perceive how it works, if you try it for yourself you’ll see how well it works for you.

The second part of this equation is “creating” the signs you want to see.

What do I mean by this?

You are being influenced by your environment which is a reflection of you.

When you want to create a new story or a new path, changing the trajectory of things… you can create more of that in your environment.

  • Put up a motivational poster.
  • Get a coffee mug that reminds you of how amazing you are.
  • Write your goals on a list that is right in front of you all day long.
  • Grow plants and see that energy thriving. This video is a fun one about plants and abundance:
  • Make a vision board.

All of it– and so much more– is a way that you can start creating your life more deliberately using your environment as a guide.

Feng Shui using my method that is totally unique is the ultimate manifesting technique I’ve ever used.

Your creativity, your sense of infinite possibility and your intention will help you to flourish in your space and your life.

It’s incredibly exciting, and you can start doing this right now!

Ask for the signs you need and want from the universe.

Create a home full of signs and symbols of what you want that will keep you focused and creating life moving forward.

Together, doing both things will make you unstoppable!



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And, as always, please let me know what happens!


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