5 Ways To Move Past Limiting Beliefs And Keep Your Life Open To All The Possibilities!

Jul 22, 2020 | Creativity


Limiting beliefs aren’t born in us, per say.

We aren’t born with thoughts that we can’t or that things are impossible. We’re born open, curious, interested, excited and often quite impressionable.

We learn these ideas of what’s not possible. Some we learn at a very young age and some we pick up along the way… but any and all limiting beliefs can be completely overcome.

You and I have both learned many things, even at a young age, that we don’t use any more. I mean, I haven’t used geometry in so many years… but, I know it.

So, I don’t want to make a big deal about these beliefs as unsurmountable or mysterious blocks.

Rather, I thought it would be fun to talk about moving beyond these ideas and keeping life open to more possibility!


In The School Of Intention, the Professional Feng Shui Training Program, Infinite Possibility is a core principle.

It’s a core of my whole revolutionary method of Feng Shui, and it’s possibly what brought you here in the first place– openness, expansiveness, more ease, more creativity, more love and more abundance in all ways.

That is my focus.

And it’s where we’ll begin today.

If you want more possibility, start by focusing in on what you want.

This is incredibly important.

What you focus on is going to make a huge difference in what you see happening in your life.

Your focus really does “grow” things.

I say this especially emphatically at the top because there’s a huge trend of self-help that’s focused on finding Money Blocks, problems and more as a road to “clearing them.” I’ve seen this spin people into huge problems they never even had before!

Focus in on what you want and you’ll see that more of what you want will grow.

Recognize– this isn’t just you who has limiting ideas pop up and you are not broken.

On the same note as the deep focus that’s often put on money blocks, there’s often a deep societal focus on some people being “less than” or “broken” because they haven’t achieved or done certain things.

This is not true.

I’ve never met a single person- no matter how much wealth or “success” they have– who doesn’t have a feeling of personal limits to overcome in some way.

We’re meant to stay in growth. It’s exciting. It’s freeing. And: no one defines success for you but you.

You’re not broken and you will not reach any perfect state.

The whole idea is to stay focused on growth and just as focused on what you’re aiming for!

Eliminate the intake of ideas that say that things are not possible for you.

Where do you pick up limiting feelings and fears?

Conversations with some critical “friends”? The News? Negative psychics? Horoscopes? Reading on the internet?

Your sources will be personal to you. Pay attention to the places, activities, words and conversations that start to make you feel small, shrunken or worried.

Now, you’ll know what to avoid, curtail or flat out quit doing because you’re too busy enjoying all the possibilities in life!


Challenge the old limits.

When an old idea pops up that says you can’t do something, acknowledge it and then move forward anyway.

It really is that simple to say it, even when it feels incredibly challenging to do it.

Whenever I challenge a limit— oh, it’s such a supercharger!

Learn to love this kind of expansive personal challenge and you’ll see the powerful difference!

Make an actual note of your progress.

When you’ve done something you were struggling to do– acknowledge it.

When you’ve overcome a hurdle and take a creative risk– write it down as well.

Keep a running list of these personal wins.

This simple action is so galvanizing, inspiring and awesome, you’ll be running to your list joyfully with every breakthrough you make!

Enjoy every possibility…!!!



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