Eight Feng Shui Ways To Create More Abundance Every Day At Home!

Aug 15, 2020 | Feng Shui 101, Prosperity


Ready for some of the easiest tips to create a more abundant home every day?

While these alone are not the be-all end-all to becoming a billionaire, you’ll find yourself feeling more mindful, present and excited to create every day as you practice any of them that resonate with you.


Make your bed when you first wake up.

There’s actual science about this. Making your bed is an instant accomplishment and it demonstrates you taking charge of your day at the outset. So, make your bed and enjoy the process!

Wash dishes as you use them.

When things pile up, there’s a subtle (or not so subtle) dread to actually clean those dishes. Energy gets stuck and stagnant and that’s the very opposite of abundance. Wash dishes as you use them and you’ll be constantly completing cycles of action, just like completing big actions on your to-do list. It’s rewarding and keeps things in flow!

Keep the toilet lid down.

Again, you’re completing a cycle of action to shut the lid, and, you’re also closing a big drain which a toilet, at it’s essence, actually is!

Wash your workspace every day like it was part of your job.

You’ll come to see that it is. At the very least, see what happens when you dust your desktop every morning or evening. It’s incredible elevating to all your work pursuits.

Take off your shoes in the house.

It’s epic for wellness. There are more microbes, pesticides, animal waste and other things that collect at the bottom of our shoes in the average day walking around than I can list. This is also a great tradition of respect for your house.

Make a to-do list and keep it handy so you can refer to it all day long. Lately, this has kept be from falling into an abyss of TikTok watching marathons! When you know what you want to do (and sometimes have to do) it gets done so much more easily.

Stay hydrated.

This goes for you (!) drinking enough water, your plants staying properly watered and that includes the air in your house. Air indoors tends to get dry (depending on the season and where you live) and a humidifier (or a pot of water on a radiator) can make all the difference!

Keep your front door free of piles of shoes and other things that block the flow.

Daily, I need to remind myself (like right now!) that I have to put my shoes away. It used to include handbags, backpacks, coats and other things that would clutter my front door area, too. Even if you have a shoe rack for people coming in, it’s not meant to be “long term storage” unless you truly have no other space. In this case, keep your shoe space super-organized, clean and intentional and you’ll keep the flow going.

The idea about practicing habits that create more abundance is that you’re immersed in ways to be more effective, to care for and manage the space + things around you, and, also, to know that you can actively transform anything.

These principles create a home that’s full of Feng Shui flow and abundance.

They also translate into your work and life, helping everything to rise higher!




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