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Aug 22, 2020 | Creativity


If you’re looking for a way to upgrade just about anything and everything in your life, there are endless options.

That said, there’s a quality that I find makes all the difference — the difference between me being excited and not excited about a film, the difference between riveting and ordinary communication, the difference between an OK and a totally delicious, memorable meal.

It’s a quality that’s universally applicable.

It’s all about the details.


Details. It’s all about the details.

I thought I’d be a fiction writer as my first career but it may be my second! What I realize I miss about writing short stories, personal essays and more long-form fiction is the web of details that shuttle my mind to another dimension where the scene becomes tangible. You’re there as you read it when the picture is painted clearly.

I’m bringing more of this old-school storytelling passion back, even to the blog posts of short tips, novel ideas, new research and inspiration.

Since I’ve been writing the blog much more– 30 days of nearly daily writing for a month gave me a jump-start– I’m reminded that I thought ten years ago that I’d be only writing the blog as my “job.” Even though I do far more teaching now (The School of Intention Pro Feng Shui Certification starts soon, FYI!) and more video and short form social media posts everywhere, coming back to the blog in a big way brought me back to this energy of communication in words and images in a way I needed more than I’d realized.

I needed to revel in the details.

Details don’t just bring a book to life or make a blog post more instructive, they create personal style, connection, meaning, harmony, synergy and new dimensions.

The details stick with you, too. Like the ways your grandma cut your sandwiches, the way you wanted to wear your hair as a pre-teen, the unforgettable interior of your first car, whether it was new or not. Mine was a vintage 67 Pontiac Valiant with red pleather interior and– gasp– no seatbelts– and I still have no idea how I used to drive it around LA, honestly.

But, it’s all incredibly memorable.

Do you remember the last memorable thing you ate? I bet there was an extraordinary something about it, a perfect bite that you could close your eyes and replay over and over again.

Every day can be that memorable. Just find your way into the details.


If it feels like you’re living one continuous day, nothing much changing, nothing too exciting and nothing feeling that extraordinary… start curating the details.

I had a best friend who moved out of the country in the days before Internet who could spend fifteen minutes curating a plate of snacks into artwork, languishing in the nuances of what finishes were used on antique wood at art auctions, weighing many options and telling stories while selecting a bar of chocolate at the NYC bodega near my place in Soho.

It was a deep dive into such detail, every day was an adventure and an education. I’d grab whatever chocolate and then realize, “If only I took the time to really choose…”

I didn’t have the patience or presence of my friend, and many of us don’t have the kind of free time to take a deep dive into wood varnishes.

And while I might still not have endless time, I do know that when I slow down and select (instead of grab) my food and put even a small amount of effort into making it great, it’s exponentially better.

I know that when I pick an outfit and put some thought into styling it, there’s a whole different energy in my day and spring in my step!

That’s the power of the details.

Whether you apply this to work or love, your daily walk or doodling, every moment comes to life when you invest in it.

There’s something magical about opening an avocado that looks picture-perfect, polishing a mirror till it shines, opening a package that was carefully assembled.

It’s all details that communicate without words.

Fill your life with simple details. They will change the way you feel, the way you think, the way you create things and the way you magnetize to you all that you want.



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