All Of Your Positive Actions Will Bring You Success!

Aug 26, 2020 | Prosperity


Even if you can’t see the progress yet in a measurable way, if you keep moving forward and keep building and keep feeling good about it, the progress is happening!

Today we’re going to talk about one facet of abundance and building life in fun ways that can’t be underestimated in my experience–

Your positive actions in all ways will bring you rewards!

If you’ve been working toward something and you’re really excited about it and you don’t see the “pay off” yet, your excitement may be the greatest sign that you’re on the right journey.

–That said, your business may not turn a big enough profit yet from day one to support you, and that’s OK. There’s nothing wrong with having another job while you build this dream.

–You might not manifest your life partner within weeks– or even years– of starting to visualize and affirm and do the personal growth work and self-care that builds love in your life in all ways. And, that’s OK, too.

Don’t be discouraged if all the things that make you feel amazing don’t instantly produce the end-product results you’re looking for.

Your positive actions are like a savings account of good karma, momentum and magnetism.

When this blog was first designed in 2010 I had already gained a very big Tumblr following years prior and I was doing all of this creating for fun. I had no inkling of what I was creating. I had a whole other career and vision of what I was making and where I was heading.

But, this was all really fun. And, even when I started to have bigger public success, I wasn’t attached to a specific outcome I needed from the blog or anything else I was doing in the realm of Feng Shui.

I tell this to students in The School of Intention Feng Shui Certification Program very often because it was a huge key, in my perspective, to all my success then and now.

It was all really fun, even when it was challenging or I felt in over my head. It was all really exciting. Even though I wasn’t making 7-figures out of the gate or instantly given a hit TV show ( I had three of those projects fall apart between 2012 and 2016), I was building something that felt really good and I stayed in that feeling as the litmus test for everything I chose to do:

Will this be useful to people and exciting to me?

This was my focus and I can only really do this work if it’s my focus.

If I was starting today and knew what I know now I could have sped things up considerably, but that’s the beauty of life. We don’t have to rush it all if it’s all exciting.

You know when things are building– whether it’s getting closer to finding the solution to healing or getting closer to creating the masterpiece that you want to make– when it feels awesome overall and you’re thrilled for all the time you can invest in this project.

I’m a big believer that everything is possible. But, things are far more swift and magical in the way they come together when life is aligned.

They don’t have to be perfect, but the more you’re feeling grounded, settled, organized and excited, the more things tend to flow.

When your mind is clear and calm, it’s easier to be more effective.

You’ve likely experienced this in your own ways, like when you’re having a great day and so many great things tend to fall in place magically.

Not every day is that ideal. But, every day you can build more of this momentum.

Trust that your positive actions will bring you rewards, and stay in motion.

Focus on the journey, because when the journey is fun, everything else is way more brilliant.

Keep on activating the joy of your creativity.

And, as the rewards come– and they will– acknowledge every single one.

So often I’ve seen people have amazing things happen but because they weren’t “exactly” the result desired they disparage their own successes. This, in turn, brings more “undesired” results.

Celebrate everything and things will grow.

It’s funny, I used to celebrate getting an email from someone reading the blog ten years ago like I had just made a big business deal. I still do. And alot of those people, I actually do now work with.

Good vibes bring good vibes.

Keep on loving the path you’re on, and, if you’re not on that path that’s for you quite yet, keep celebrating every good thing that happens and you’ll find yourself on that path very soon!





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