Being Prepared Is A Form Of Self-Love!

Sep 1, 2020 | Sensory Goodness

Whenever I’m really prepared for anything, my confidence is at an all time high.

Think back to your days in school. (Or, maybe you’re in school now.)

What did it feel like to get called on by your teacher when you actually did all the reading and put thought, energy and time into your assignments?

It’s a good feeling.

And, when you didn’t read or do the work, what did that feel like?

Anxiety? Panic? Any number of mixed emotions.

Preparation can make a life-changing difference.

When I started to realize that preparation would make my life so much more calm, grounded, powerful and confident I realized that I could prepare more for a lot of things every single day.

Today, let’s look at preparation as a form of self-love, because I strongly believe that it is!

In The School of Intention, the Professional Feng Shui Training program, we prepare for each lesson, for each Consultation and just about everything we do.

Preparation brings lots of excellence to the table.

Preparing for things takes many forms.

There’s financial preparation– like savings, insurance you might need, investments you want to make.

And, educational preparation– getting the training or the studying done to excel on your career path.

And, there’s emotional preparation– learning to process and manage emotions daily to stay mentally healthy and emotionally well.

You wake up in the morning and likely shower or dress and/or do other things to prepare for the day like eating breakfast.

And, there’s so much more!

Let’s look at these things, first. The idea here isn’t to be overwhelmed. It’s the opposite. The idea is to feel focused and clear-minded.

Do you feel solid with your skills, your basic finances, your mental and emotional health, your diet and your daily routine to get ready for the day?

Or, has it been sort of… whatever you can manage at the moment?

Or, has some of it been ignored or put off for later?

While there’s no perfect world, a little more energy invested into some core aspects of like so you can show up prepared for all things is transformational.

Even beginning to work on these aspects of your life that feel wobbly or ignored can bring magnificent confidence to every day.

Here are some ways you can approach these life upgrades:

Energy– when you pour attention and presence into things, you get great things back.

Research– when you don’t know, there are infinite ways to learn. If you can read this blog, you have access to all kinds of free information and resources to help guide you toward any methods and solutions you’re looking for. It’s the great gift of the Internet.

Organization + Planning — if you’re feeling scattered it’s really hard to make positive changes. Start with organizing your days a bit more and keeping a schedule. It is life-changing.

Daily Practice– if you wake up and do your morning prayers, exercise, study, self-care or anything else without fail, daily, it will become a regular habit you will start doing automatically, without a second thought.

So, where can you prepare more?

For me: I craving a more beautifying morning routine as I am not as prepared most days as I’d like to be!

Whatever you decide to prepare for much more– be it work meetings or weekly meal prep— you’ll see how this energy starts to change everything.

Self-esteem soars. Great ideas arrive. You feel better. You glow more.

And, that’s just the beginning.

All this self-love is epic manifesting power.

Enjoy it all!





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