7 Ways I’ve Come To Cherish Synergy As A Superpower!

Sep 12, 2020 | Creativity

I woke up to these dahlias at the door and my day has been amazing ever since!

This last year taught me just how much I need other people. And, it’s shown me that there are so many bright lights, there’s so much love and so much synergy in my life.

Given that I spend the first half of my life convinced that no one would ever understand me or have the capacity to help me, this is a huge celebration!

The major breakthroughs I’ve experienced eclipse the growth I’ve experience in any year before this. Even in the past solar year full of a pandemic, raging fires, mayhem and more– this larger connection to love has been the engine of the kind of expansion that’s been mind-blowing.

Great teachers are invaluable.

So many of you have been incredible teachers in so many ways, and I’m infinitely grateful. I’ve learned from so many people this year, and a lot of my friends have been the greatest teachers.

We don’t stop learning unless we decide to stop. To me, that’s like stopping everything.

When you share what you know, you also learn. When I teach every session of The School of Intention Feng Shui Certification Program, as much as I share I also learn. (*we are opening the next session soon, by the way, if you’ve been wanting to do the Professional Feng Shui training program!)

We don’t stop learning unless we decide to stop. To me, that’s like stopping everything.

Heading into this new season I have a shelf dedicated to books to finish and a big list to get (that I’ll be adding to!) as soon as all of these are done.

Instead of scrolling the Internet, I’ll be reading. The rest of the year is dedicated to keeping the phone off far more often (only when necessary) and keeping life flowing with books, art-making and brainstorming on paper.

Who doesn’t appreciate a cheerleader?

For all that so many friends, family and people I’ve come to know through my emails have shared with me of encouragement and well-wishes all year long, I am so endlessly grateful. You’ve been the cheerleaders I’ve needed.

When I was in Junior High I was a cheerleader. In fact, I was the very tall and awkward one who barely made the team. I worked my butt off dancing around my living room to the Prince song “Let’s Go Crazy,” stretching every night with my grandma while we’d watch TV for hours until I could do a split. That year, when we did awards for the season, the coach said I was the story of miraculous improvement. I felt like I earned my place on that cheering squad, and it was epic.

Now, a couple of years later (!) it’s a Captain of that squad who is training me via Zoom in Pilates, helping me to get back to those days where I could, after hundreds of hours of practice, effortlessly fly through the air.

We’re all interconnected. Cheer people on and accept the divine assistance of others cheering for you!

You’ll never regret time you spend helping people– unless they’re vampire people!

Fact: I do not regret a single moment I have spent helping anyone in the past year in any way, even when the hours of helping were leaning into hours of sleep.

What I do regret is helping people who were not at all well-intentioned and just siphoned my energy and looked to me for whatever they could take. Those experiences, though, are life-lessons. I’m pretty good at spotting energy vampires (more on this here) that are draining and destructive, but my discernment got turned up to a much higher level.

(@piabrunost blew me away with this brilliant art!)

There are people supporting you in ways you don’t even realize.

Look at this art! @piabrunost made this and posted it today and it’s just… magic. Everything she shares — food, yoga, art and epic living in nature– is so electric. I’m so honored!

I forget sometimes when I write and share things how people are reading and potentially using what’s useful from them. She’s been bringing the Feng Shui home and seeing the transformation, and that is thrilling.

This was a show-stopping reminder that there’s support everywhere in the universe for all of us, even if we don’t actively see or realize it all the time.

Support people you love, support artists you admire, support charities you believe in however you can.

This support system is incredibly powerful. We aren’t living alone on an island.

Success is a team sport.

It’s not an “I win/ you lose” scenario. There’s no scarcity.

The whole Feng Shui School is about support and synergy. The Feng Shui Camps are about support and synergy. The work I share has everything to do with synergy.

This past year, I found tremendous synergy in collaborations both before and after the pandemic. These projects continue to grow and it is so exciting to watch them grow.

What I’m most proud of, personally, is that I found my voice and power to stand up to people who were trying to compete by being mean and at times even cruel.

As we say in Jersey, “F that!”

There’s no settling for toxicity.

I want my Students to soar with their work in the world. I want everyone to have everything they have their heart set on.

There’s room for the success of everyone in all ways and there’s space for everyone to shine!

The past year has shown me the most toxic kind of competition (it’s all toxic, but I’ve seen some of the worst of it) and has set me on a more committed path to compete with myself.

We need excellent experts in all aspects of life.

I offer my nearly waist-length hair as “Exhibit A” that I rely on and support excellent experts, and oh how I can’t wait to be able to safely get a haircut again!

The pandemic portion of this year put a spotlight on the importance of experts in all fields– from dog groomers to delivery pros, hairstylists and manicurists to the makeup artist I rely on to help me with fake lashes.

Nothing beats an awesome expert.

I can’t wait to see all of these people and many more in the (hopefully near) future!

I’m obsessed this year with new skills. Healing modalities, ancient knowledge, making art, and so much more.

If you’re not sure how to supercharge your year, start watching videos and reading about new skills, get books, take classes… and watch the world open up!

Intention is even more powerful when it’s collected together!

I know that Intention is super-powerful, but Intention in groups… is magic.

I gather people together to send group intentions once a week, and this year, this practice has sent my energy into a higher stratosphere. The results of the Intention-Sending have left me in tears– near-miraculous life turn-arounds, healing, new jobs, a crisis averted … it’s incredibly inspiring.

What I also do daily is pray in a group. Every single morning I join two group sessions of prayer (I’m a Buddhist and we chant) to kick off the day with over an hour and a half of pure Intention.

Whether you’re teaming up with a friend to work toward goals and hold each other accountable or supporting the goals of others in the groups you’re in, the synergy of Intention-Sending is out-of-this-world amazing.

When you send intention, it’s just as powerful as when you receive it, if not more so.

I’m wishing you an epic season ahead!




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