7 Self-Care Rituals That Boost My Manifesting Power!

Oct 17, 2020 | Creativity

Every season I update my rituals. Part of it is seasonal but, since I live in Los Angeles and we don’t have big seasons, it’s more symbolic. The energy needs shifting. Things need to be refreshed. There’s a need for inspiration.

I thought it would be fun to share some of the new rituals I’ve picked up this season to keep the energy high and magnetic in the months ahead.

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Here are a few simple rituals you can try if you’re looking to uplift your energy! Feel free to customize. These may be great jumping-off points for your own personal rituals.

Maximum evening routine.

Evenings are sacred to me because the emails are done, the calls are over, theres nothing to create and I got to simply BE. I used to resist the urge to just “be” and sneak in more work-type things in the evening, but I’ve soundly defeated that habit because I feel we all need time to just be.

This is where I have created a maximum evening routine of journalling, bath time, extra-luxe skincare, stretching, herbal tea, spiritual practice and more. Not one bit of it is forced, it’s all enjoyable and it creates spectacular results in deep sleep and more grounded peace.

Can you add a bit extra “you time” to your evening? This can be a magic re-set time for your mind and spirit as well as your body.

Reading breaks.

I used to take breaks to scroll social media and now I take breaks to flip through inspiring magazines and books or take naps. This is a big energy shift and it’s something of a pace-setter in the day. I feel less lost in social media-Internet land and more rooted in feeding my life with love.

Wearing lavender on my wrists.

I spend a moment dropping lavender essential oil on my wrists, rubbing them together and relaxing. Whatever natural oil blends you like can be spectacular. This is a simple mood-booster and it works in many sensory and energetic ways to calm, inspire and ground me.

Programming crystals + using them. HERE is how to do it.

A daily beautification bonus.

Every day I do a little extra beautification. Yesterday, I braided a little coconut oil into my hair. The day before, I mixed up a DIY face masque in the kitchen. Today, I buffed and polished my nails. None of this is elaborate, but the daily boost adds up to 30+ boosts of beautification a month!

Aerobic interludes.

I bounce on a rebounder trampoline these days. I used to go on long walks. You might jog. You might have a bike. Whatever you do, enjoy it immensely. These aerobic breaks are excellent for your brain as well as your whole body and your energy system. I strive for 30 minutes a day, minimally, especially in these days of staying at home.

Breathing exercises.

This is something you can research, as it took me a bit of time to find my favorite breathwork techniques. A few easy ones are linked HERE.

I do five minutes of breathing exercise to keep the energy flowing in my body in ways that calm my nervous system and really “cleanse” my energy.

It’s all really fun. Nothing fancy is required. The idea here is to keep reaching for ways to amplify, purify, love and energize you and your life every day.

The results of even one small ritual or habit shaft can be totally life-changing.




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