Make The Most Of The Breaks You Take To Revitalize Yourself!

Nov 29, 2020 | Creativity

Breaks are so essential to revitalize yourself.

When you’re really tired and you take a break, it feels great.

Until, that is, you go back to the habits and lifestyle that created the exhaustion again.

I know it can feel like a vicious cycle– tired, crashing, not quite revitalized but easing back into action, pushing through things, and back to tired. Except each time the tired becomes more extreme and the road back to “normal” pace becomes more dreaded.

I’ve lived this and seen it thousands of times with clients and also friends and family.

It was a few years ago, when I was so tired that 16 hours of sleep a day wasn’t enough, that the alarm bells sounded with a fury.

I didn’t just need to “sleep more” or “relax more,” I needed to do what I work on with my clients all the time.

I needed to realign my life.

And when I realized this, and actually acted upon it, my downtime became the most life-changing time I’d never skip.

Downtime can be the most powerful time to recalibrate your life and your focus.

After all, the chances are high that you aren’t super exhausted by a few long nights or a big week at work. This deep tired is usually a sign that it’s time for a big lifestyle shift.

Maybe you need:

More space in your days to breathe every day? Scheduled time to check emails? Saying no to some commitments that are simply too much right now?

That’s some of it, often. More of it can include:

Constantly pressuring yourself to be perfect. Clutter and disorganization. Living without a set schedule for things. Omitting important parts of life like exercise and fun. Needing to switch eating habits, sleeping habits or even shopping habits.

So, next time you’re super-tired and taking a break, take stock for yourself of all the things that led you to this very tired place.

You may immediately know what it is that you need, or what you need to switch. You may need a little more time… but don’t drop the ball here.

When you see what’s making you so tired you see something even more profound:

You’ll know what’s throwing you out of alignment. And, it can be easy to get into very powerful alignment!

When you’re aligned (ie: really in flow and in sync with all your power, surrounded by good vibes, creatively alive and in flow) you’re firing on all levels.

When you’re aligned, things are easier and it’s easier to know when it’s time for a break BEFORE the exhaustion sets in. You’re more consistent and life can expand with ease.

So, please take all the breaks and rest you can.

But, also, in that time, daydream and ponder what it would feel like to live a less exhausting life.

What does that look like? What do you do with your time? How do you feel?

What can you do right now to shift your lifestyle so that heading back to work isn’t so tiring?

As you ease back into everyday life, you’ll be amazed at what happens when you follow this inner guidance. Not only will you feel a whole lot better, you’ll also be tuned into your genius and manifesting power!

Enjoy it all…!



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