2021 Feng Shui For A Year Of Creative Breakthroughs!

Jan 4, 2021 | Feng Shui 101

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Happy New Year!!!  

2021 has finally arrived and the themes of this year are revitalizing, inspiring, optimistic, creative and empowering!    

Innovation and expansion- both personally and professionally.  Clarity and commitment producing major abundant success.  More freedom in all ways that feel fantastic.  More unity.  More art. More living your life as art. 

I’ve got red envelopes stuffed full of wishes for 2021 because I’m all-in on this being a year full of positive change for everyone.

Red is one of the many symbolic ways to supercharge your desires.  Write them in a red pen or marker.  Or, put them in a red envelope.  One year I didn’t have red envelopes but I had red crayons so I colored an envelope and that felt both crafty and powerful, too!

You can also just keep your list of intentions and goals somewhere prominent so you see them every day, you can read them often and you can stay focused on all that you’re committed to creating in the year ahead. 

Do what feels best, because that’s always what will work best for you!

Today, we’ll look at some of the big energy-shifting themes of 2021 that are a Fresh Start in themselves, and some Feng Shui to stay in the flow of abundance in all ways! 


Set an empowering theme for the year.      

Creativity isn’t just about making art– it’s a way of approaching life.  Resourceful, inspired, thinking ingeniously, making things happen, designing your days in big and small ways… 

And that’s what this year’s overarching themes are all about: living life creatively on every level. 


Having lots of goals is energizing, focusing and often extremely productive.  Writing them down is incredibly powerful. A study showed that written goals were 40%+ more likely to be achieved, and that adds extra good energy to the idea of making those lists of your desires.  

That said, having a theme for the year ahead– or even the month ahead– can be like a North Star to keep you focused and always moving forward.

You can pick a word for the year, or even the month ahead, to use as your guiding light.  

Some people in the Feng Shui Camps have shared their words of the year like: MAKING BREAKTHROUGHS.  SYNERGY.  UNITY.  HAPPINESS.  EXPANSION.  

Picking a word or two that describes the vibes that you’re aiming for every day can help you stay in your most positive momentum.


The #1 most empowering thing you can do for your environment is to keep it clean and clear.  This is a fabulous way to create a solid foundation for all of life, as you’ll feel more at home in your home. 

Clearing clutter is incredibly powerful. If you’ve got a lot of clutter to clear, take it step by step and stay consistent until you’re done, even if the steps are small at first!  

(*The Catalyst Camp Feng Shui Home + Life De-Clutter is HERE to help you if you’ve got a lot to clear and you’re ready to dive into deep transformation.  We start today!) 

Deep cleaning makes it’s way into every one of these notes in some way, but today I’d like to offer a 2021 refinement: find ways to clean your home that you love!

When you enjoy doing things, you’ll find that both the process and the results are magnified! 

It’s the Lunar Year of The Metal Ox ahead!  

We’ll dive into more of this before the Lunar New Year in February, as the Year of the Ox is a big energy shift according to the Chinese Zodiac. 

–Planning is in the spotlight. Prepare and plan and you’ll show up with even more genius for everything you do. If you haven’t already, it might be a great time to grab yourself a 2021 Planner and get started!  

— Being industrious and committed to your plans is the way of the Ox Year. It’s a great time to create structures that really work to maximize your days so that you can both work with passion and relax fully.  

Now is a marvelous time for a new Morning Routine.

–Whatever you wish you had time for– writing, meditation, exercise, a more relaxed breakfast, making art or anything else– can find it’s way into your Morning Routine if you get up 30 minutes or an hour earlier.  If you gasp at the thought of that (I did when I started!), try getting up just 10 minutes earlier to start the day, doing a small version of any of your favorite things.  You can move it earlier from there! 

The idea of The Year of the Ox is that your plans, habits and choices that are clear-minded and consistent will reap big rewards this year… and, always! 

It’s a Universal Year #5 in Numerology .

The #5 is thought to carry with it the energy of freedom, motion and change!

The Universal Year 5 is thought to bring more joy, personal creative awakening and new ways to do things that work even better for you!

If things felt stuck of stagnant in 2020, it’s now time to open new doors and stay open to fresh ideas.

— Brainstorm regularly. This can keep your mind tuned to new paths forward and fun new things to do!

— Re-style some things in your house, moving what you have to new places, creating a new “feeling” in your home. You can even re-organize a bookshelf or move art around on the walls to feel new energy everywhere.

— Keep finding new ways to do things you do often. Maybe there’s a new way to mop the floor? A new way to condition your hair? A new way to meditate? A new way to take notes as you study? The possibilities are infinite and the smallest shifts can bring huge rewards!

You can read more about the #5 year here!

And, the big cosmic themes mirror all this creative awakening!

While astrologers are split on whether or not the Age of Aquarius has officially begun, a lot of huge cosmic shifts– including Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius– bring a decidedly different feel to this year.

Quicker, lighter, more unlimited, full of flashes of delight, innovation and inspiration.

Many believe that the famed Renaissance era– full of art, passion and massive development– began following a Jupiter and Saturn meet up in the sky in the sign of Aquarius. Since this rare event just happened again in December, perhaps it’s time to start thinking of your own personal Renaissance now?

The idea of living life as art, treating everything as a creative endeavor, can be a game-changer.

There are also Mercury Retrogrades in air signs this year, which put a spotlight on creating more unity and togetherness, synergy and collective love.

And, the eclipses continue in Gemini and Sagittarius (with just one in Taurus), highlighting more self-confidence and self-expression.

If you aren’t there yet, it’s time to start believing more in yourself and the breakthroughs you’re going to make this year!

Every day is a day to make a fresh start, but this New Year holds lots of ideas and readiness to support some great big positive personal and collective revolutions!

Empower yourself + your home.

Awaken your creativity in all ways.

Make those big plans and stay committed to them daily.

Keep innovating, thinking bigger and bolder, more clever and genius.

And, decide to make this the best year ever for you, your loved ones, your community and everyone far and wide!

In the classic words of Meister Eckhart, “And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”

Let’s make magic in the New Year ahead!

I’m wishing you the most incredible start to 2021, full of wellness, love and abundance!



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