Five Feng Shui Ways To Make Your Life Richer Every Day!

Feb 10, 2021 | Prosperity

(sacra luna)

Rich lifestyles bring richness to life.

From where you sit right now you can choose to make every day richer, more rewarding, more fulfilling and more amazing.

And, in the process, you’re likely to make your life more abundant in actual cash, too!

(yes supply)

Add vibes to your food.

One of the best ways to bring a dose of higher vibes to your days is with higher vibe food. This doesn’t mean that every bite of food is organic and biodynamic (awesome if it is, but not easily accessible for all of us); it means that you literally beam love and appreciation into your food before you eat it. You might say a blessing over your plate, you might stir the soup and see yourself stirring in more love, you might simply declare how grateful you are for each meal.

I started noticing the difference when I started taking regular trips to Japan where we say a small prayer over each meal three times a day. I would eat in ways that were out of the ordinary for me but I felt better than ever.

This is a real game-changer that you can customize.

Bring more detail to your daily routine.

Your daily routine can become a robotic endeavor even if it’s full of high-vibe things to do. Yep, you can do yoga while feeling “checked out” and going through the motions, you can be meditating when you’re really closing your eyes as your mind wanders aimlessly… but the difference is is the how.

I’ve convinced myself at times that while I was doing these things I was actually “doing” them. Then, I come back with commitment.

Commitment to more presence. More focus. More detail. More of actually doing the things.

The difference is monumental.

Create more and don’t settle.

Heres a small example. I’m mopping the floors today. I have some castille soap I feel “meh” about using on the floors. I could settle for “meh”, the mopping would be crossed of my to-do list and whole thing would be “meh.”

Then, I realized I had the ingredients to make a “modified” version of a floor cleaner I love. I can improvise. I’m making it now. It smells amazing. I can’t wait to mop everything.

There’s always a way to make the “meh” things better. When you create instead of settling, things keep expanding.

Use more abundance herbs!

Ahhh, how I love them. I will make more of these videos soon as the Cash Camp is starting in March (grab the free Money Feng Shui videos HERE!) , but there’s an entire YouTube playlist of ideas HERE .

Study the fine points of whatever you’re doing.

If you’re sending emails all day, how can you communicate more clearly.

If you’re refinishing furniture, can you do something special to make the final varnish extra shiny?

If you’re making videos, are there new settings to learn on your phone or camera? Are there new ways to light your space? Are there new editing tools to use?

The magic is in these fine details.

Some people say, “What’s the use, no one will know the difference!?”

I’m telling you, people can feel the difference.

They may not know what to call it but they know there’s something extra-special about your furniture varnish, your emails and your videos!

They know that you’re more invested, more exacting and more artful.

That essence is undeniably magnetic.

As is every day you decide to make your life richer.

The riches will follow your lush, abundant intentions!



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