The Magnetic Power of Living A Rich Lifestyle!

Mar 9, 2021 | Creativity


Just about every single client I work with and every person I know would like more money.

And, while there’s tons of Feng Shui to welcome in more wealth, the real gold is not just in accumulating cash but also in living richly.


When I was 15 I went to Brazil for a Summer as an exchange student. It was a wild experience because coming from Secaucus, NJ and without the Internet or a phone or a translation app, I was basically unaware of how to say “Hello” nevermind how I would relate to anyone when I got there.

I learned from some kids on the plane how to say “yes”, “no”, and “hello.” So, I felt accomplished even though I was overwhelmed. I was so excited at the prospect of a Summer away from New Jersey and too consumed by school before that to think of particulars of this trip because I knew anything would be better than my alternative of a Summer sitting in Secaucus.

While I was in Brazil, I had an amazing host family who, though without much money, lived an extraordinarily multi-dimensional life. The cooking, the meals, the conversations, the curiosity: it was all extraordinary. I was gifted a pass to go to the YMCA and started doing aerobics in Portugese every day, sometimes twice a day, met friends and, ultimately, stayed with them for a while in a wealthier part of town that was also not very posh.

We made condensed milk candy every night in a microwave, told stories, went to University classes and hung out with friends. I could, somehow magically, speak Portugese enough to understand just about everything.

Things unfolded as I immersed myself into a whole new lifestyle where a high value was placed on happiness.

I headed back to my host family and everything was equally memorable.

We went to see live music, drank a very intense tea made of packed herbal leaves and sugar and they made sure I really saw the city and everything around it.

Even though one family had more money than the other– they both had a fortune of joy. And my experience was equally rich in both homes.

I understood from that trip, at 15, what I didn’t see readily in America. Life was rich if we made it rich. Lifestyle was a vibe and a set of very small choices strung together all day long. And, a richly dimensional lifestyle was something I came to cherish enough that the featured quote in my high school yearbook was, “Vida Mansa.”

Translated: “Live Rich.”


Richness starts now. Not when you have made a certain amount of money or saved enough to retire.

It has nothing to do with dollars or cryptocurrency, investing or hustling. I’m all for all of the above, but life is not a number– it’s a multidimensional experience.

I’ve seen enough rich and miserable people to know that money doesn’t guarantee happiness. But, money certainly plays a big part in that happiness, to be clear.

That said: you’ll make more money, and experience all kinds of abundance, when you’re feeling fully immersed in the richness of life.

This is so key– and a key metric of success that’s often overlooked.

What are the things you’d love to experience — adventures, studies, romance, travel, exploration?

If those are for “some day in the future”– decide that today is that day.

What are the things you love to feel, see, smell, taste and touch around you?

It’s time to bring each and every one of them to your space. Gather wild flowers and plant clippings, refinish furniture from Facebook Marketplace, make your own art…bring it all home.

What do you long to do all day long?

Have mediation time? Paint all day? write romance novels? Spend more time doing beautification? Workout? Read books? Walk in the grass barefoot? Start a garden?

You can bring all of that home, and do all of that now, even if it begins on a small scale.

My whole passion project of a business started on a free blogging platform a decade and a half ago. Your big photo project can start with your phone. You can walk on the grass in the park that’s nearby. You can write early in the morning before your day begins. A pack of seeds and some dirt can get sprouted in your sunny window.

You can do all of these things. And, the more you do them, the richer your life will become.

Full of sensory magic, full of community, overflowing with color and blissful surroundings, intuition soaring, energy soaring…

This is the stuff that creates a life that’s magnetic.

You’ll bring in more opportunities with joy than self-imposed stress, living in a pressure-cooker of your own creation.

You’ll score more synchronicity with a feeling of fulfillment than one of self-punishment.

You don’t have to wait for a perfect time and you don’t need a single dollar to begin.

This is all the stuff that feels so good yet it can be the X Factor in growing your dollars and expanding your wealth, too.

Lean into living richly. It’s a prosperity supercharger.



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