Spring Clean In Ways That Bring You Tons Of Abundance!

Apr 2, 2021 | Creativity

Spring cleaning can be a supercharger for your space and your life.

Traditionally, Spring is associated with blooming and growth, creativity and fun. There’s a new sense of synergy, possibility, strength and speed. 

Even if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere and Autumn is beginning, there’s a fresh start each year at this time when Aries Season arrives– it’s the bold beginning of the Zodiac cycle and an astrological New Year. 

It’s a time to harness confidence, sweep away old fears and worries and dive into a whole new field of opportunity as inspiring as a field of wildflowers.

There’s new perspective dawning in a new season that welcomes us to adopt a new way to look at things we see every day:

Seeing the potentials, seeing the solutions, seeing the breakthroughs, seeing the desires and seeing all the new paths forward toward everything you want to experience and accomplish.

Launching into anything new is more seamless and easy when you have a clean space, a clear mind and an open heart.

That’s part of why Spring Cleaning is more than just a to-do list of chores– it can be a real awakening to a new level of manifesting power!

Start by cleaning the things that you clean with!

When’s the last time you cleaned your vacuum, your washing machine, your broom, your mop or your dishwasher? 

Thanks to the magic of Google you can easily find the best ways to clean all the things you use to clean your home. Everything works better when it’s refreshed… and you’ll feel the power in doing this if you haven’t done it in a long time!

Focus in on the things that largely get skipped over. 

A few places you can clean today that can be a real “awakening” of clarity and freshness include: 

–Baseboards if you have them in your home. Dust and polish them and feel the difference!

–Light fixtures if you can safely reach them. Ceiling fans are especially prone to collecting grime that will be a game-changer to wipe away.

–Your windows! Even if you just wash the inside surfaces of your windows, it’s a major way to create mental clarity using Feng Shui.

And, anything else in your home that hasn’t had attention in a while will benefit from some extra love.

Room-by-room, dive in and fluff up the vibes as you dust and polish everything with an eye toward transformation. 

Clean with a sense of magic in your mind. You are moving energy, transforming energy and activating magnetic energy as you make your whole home sparkle. 

Finish with the floors– mopping, sweeping and vacuuming — so that you can clear up all the dust that’s settled from all the rest of your cleaning!

Start letting things go, step-by-step. 

If you’ve got decluttering to do, you can start now and keep it going throughout the season.

I love to set a Spring goal of gifting/ donating/ recycling at least one thing a day until I feel a big energy shift. 

Repair and restore things to bring them new life force. 

Whether you oil the hinges of a door or fix a leaky faucet or do any other small repairs you can manage– this type of restoration raises the value of everything around you and reaffirms how powerful you are and how much you can create positive change!


Spring Clean your life of things that take you away from your power.

I love the list above from Jane Tavakalian that sums up so many common ways we can get pulled away from our inner guidance and swept up in the currents of life, losing our personal center of gravity.

To thrive in the season ahead, get grounded and tune up your energy!  

Take time to get more calm and centered. If you don’t have a meditative practice of any kind, it’s a great time to develop one for yourself.  It can be as easy as sitting for five minutes every day with your eyes closed and breathing deeply, it might be taking meditative walks, or maybe even starting a garden and learning to cultivate seeds and plants.  

It’s an interesting experiment to quit caffeine for a bit and see how you feel.  This is the most shocking thing to me: I gained a tremendous amount of energy, mental clarity and focus (*all the things I thought caffeine was giving me!) when I decided to quit it for a short while.  That was years ago and I’ll never go back, it’s been so incredible.  Even if you don’t quit caffeine, moderating it can be incredible for your energy!

Trust yourself a little bit more every day. Do a little something intuitive– following your inner guidance– every day. Your intuition is a superpower and it will thrive as you practice listening to it.   

Whether it’s making a certain smoothie for breakfast or walking on a new road you’ve never been down, deciding to make a phone call or doing something wild and fun that you’ve been wanting to do for a long time– all these little ways you follow your intuition can snowball into a great big trust in yourself!

Lean into the revitalizing spirit of the season.  Make space for new energy, new ideas and new opportunities. Shine and polish your home, step-by-step, in ways that feel fantastic and bring you even more joy.  And, get ready for all the positive momentum and manifesting power to grow in your life!

The season is about to get supercharged!



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There’s Feng Shui, there’s lots of creativity… and it’s a daily commitment to a positive life shift… which, in itself, is a positive life shift! 

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