Are You Living In Alignment With Your Biggest Dreams?

Apr 10, 2021 | Creativity

living in alignment

Are you living in alignment with your biggest dreams?

First, what is alignment?

Big question.

It’s a question I could answer by talking about energy systems and metaphysical concepts that are amazing, but today let’s be very basic.

Basic can be disarmingly potent.

Today let’s look at a few ways to live that are completely in harmony with your dreams.

When you’re living with this kind of harmonious alignment more and more, absolutely incredible things can happen with synchronicity, momentum and speed behind them. And, it feels fantastic!

Let’s look at some major ways you can stay in harmony with your goals and dreams.

These are all basic, but they’re really important.

You can declutter things that are not aligned with what you want to make space for what you do want.

For example, you might gift the snack foods in your pantry and refrigerator that are not a part of the nutritionist’s plan you were given to help you to feel better that’s been hard to stick with.

Or, you might donate the books on a subject you’re not at all interested in any more to a library so that you can have space for the books on new subjects you are interested in.

You might toss out “bad memory” objects from a fraught relationship to open up to new relationships and more love.

All basic, simple, but powerful.

You can actively choose to think and speak more often about what you do want and what uplifts you.

This is never about “perfect” positivity or glossing over important issues, but if you can weight the scales in favor of your dreams and the outcomes you want to see, this is a game-changer.

You can also decide to work on what you want– even a tiny bit, even just the smallest steps– every day so that you’re actively pursuing it.

Thinking about things is not usually as effective as activating them in life.

For example, if you want to be a graphic designer, you might sneak in a video tutorial on you tube to learn new Photoshop techniques every day to sharpen your skills even before you can take a larger course.

If you want to start a new spiritual practice, you might try it a few minutes every day to get a feel for it as you are learning more.

Every step you take brings you actively into the creation process.

So… if you’ve been thinking about doing something or wishing it could happen, you might want to declutter, actively put attention on it, talk more as if it’s happening and start doing it more and more every day.

This all easy. You might know it already. But, the key is to do it in the ways that feel best to you.

One final note: watch what you say YES to and what you say NO to.

If you find yourself agreeing to things that feel wrong, that’s a good place to make a shift! If you turn down opportunities because you’re scared of them because they are big, explore them instead.

Being “aligned” is never an absolute state of being, but when you start decisively making more choices that fuel your dreams, you’re living in alignment and amazing things happen.

You start creating your life much more. You start feeling the energy moving in exciting ways. You’re more alive to creative possibilities.

And, yes, you’ll “manifest” much more!



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