Feng Shui For An Abundant Taurus Season!

Apr 17, 2021 | Creativity

We’re about to start a cosmic season of feeling incredibly powerful, unstoppable and magnetic in so many ways: Taurus Season!  

While this month of Taurus Season officially kicks off April 20th, Venus has already arrived in Taurus to bring the earthy, grounded, sensory rich, beautifying and rewarding themes to life!  

While it’s always a perfect time for self care and deeper commitment to your joy and your biggest priorities, now may feel like an even more perfect time! 

It can be a time to transform life with extra presence and personal magic infused into everything you do: 

Moving your personal projects forward in deliberate and fulfilling ways.  Igniting your creativity with more joy.  Connecting to Nature and your true Nature to align your life in the best ways.  

And, Taurus energy resonates strongly with money and abundance, so it may be time to reap the rewards of your hard work or initiate plans to amplify your prosperity!  

If you’ve wanted to get something finished or cross big items off of your to-do list, the slow and steady but deeply potent pace and energy of Taurus Season can help you to get it done.  

It’s time to align life and make big breakthroughs, and the Feng Shui to harness this energy of self-love, joyful power and abundance is so welcome this Spring! 

Use Nature to keep your environment full of high vibes and grounded power.

When we’re connected to Nature we can deeply recharge, refuel and shine brighter!

Refueling ourselves regularly is incredibly important.  Especially if you’re looking to make a breakthrough in life in any way.

I use the analogy of an electric toothbrush I once had that could run OK on a single charge for a week or so, but when it was recharged every day… it was totally brilliant!

Even if you’re feeling OK, extra time to recharge your space and your life can bring you that brilliance, along with the sparks and the momentum to manifest amazing things.  

When your home is more connected to Nature, you’ll tap into that restorative Earth energy so much more easily every day.  

— Open windows and let the fresh air flow through your home.  

— Burn some dried bay leaves from the spice rack over an ash tray to cleanse and deeply calm your space. Even single leaf or two can have a big impact on the energy of a room. (Note: You may need to re-light them several times to have them fully burn like incense.)

— Put bowls of fruit or bunches of fresh flowers in rainbow colors out on your coffee table, your kitchen table and even your desk or work space.  

— Light some candles and start dimming the lights at home as the sun sets, getting more in tune with the cycles of light and darkness to sleep more optimally in tune with the Earth. 

— Add bowls of sea salt (nothing fancy needed) to your nightstands for a few days to recharge your bedroom vibes as you sleep.  

— If you have essential oils, you can use them to support you throughout the day.  I love to add a mint essential oil to the shower (*a few drops sprinkled in the corners) to wake up in the morning, rosemary helps me to focus mid-day and lavender oil makes its way into evening baths. 

–Plants are always amazing, just about anywhere in your house! 

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Prioritizing joy is in the spotlight. 

The easiest way to feel more “aligned” and powerful, confident and radiant is to love who you are and express that as freely as possible. 

Dress, eat, exercise and do all that you do every day in ways that feel great.  

— Try some practices to strengthen your positive mindset if you’ve been in need of more uplifting thoughts. Spending some time reading books that elevate your mind, meditating, visualizing positive outcomes or doing deep breathing (or: all of the above!) can help you to get closer to your true, joyful nature every day. 

–Surround yourself with more favorite scents, music, textures and flavors.  

Indulge in the simple great things.  For example: Baking cookies and having that deliciousness waft through your home can bring you incredible inspiration as well as pleasure! 

Every bit of this self care and joy can help you to feel more confident, infinitely worthy and deserving of great things, more and more able to be of service to others and even more steadfastly committed to your mission, your goals and dreams.  

Essentially, all of this joy is a life supercharger! 

Decide to create your reality– more and more–  every single day. 

We can’t control all of life, but we can choose to create more and more of our experience every day in so many ways. 

Planning can be magical to reorganize the universe (and your time and energy) in your favor!

In the wise words of the Astro Twins, “Taurus takes charge to help us roll up our sleeves and craft a sustainable plan.”

You can start by choosing the energy (* the messages, social media, conversations, etc.) you want to engage with all day long, very consciously, throughout the day. Choose even more of what lifts you higher and inspires you deeply.

This practice, on its own, can jump-start magnetic positive momentum in your life that attracts great things to you! 

This power of choice and focus can move you to eliminate lots of clutter from your home.  It can also move you to stop settling for things that you don’t want. 

–Choose your most empowering and true personal goals. Write them out if you haven’t already.   

–Choose your focus every day.  

One very helpful way to reorganize your time can be to set aside blocks of time in the morning and afternoon to check emails and do administrative work, and give yourself big uninterrupted time every day to be creative and tackle the larger projects.  That deep focus time can be spectacular! 

–Choose your best paths forward, the ones that feel the best.  

If you’re not sure what step to take next, lean into your feelings.  It’s always a great idea to get out into Nature and recharge yourself in the sand and sea or trees and grass with sunshine and fresh air before making these intuitive decisions.  

With every grounded and powerful decision you make for your home and your life, you’ll build lots of creative momentum.  

The more you decide to create, the more you’ll be moved to create. 

The more you strengthen your commitment to what matters most and keep moving forward, step-by-step every day, the more you’ll see things coming together with speed and synchronicity.  

Doors open. Confidence builds. Dreams manifest, And, life expands in all the best ways!

I’m wishing you so much wellness, love and abundance!



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