Feng Shui To Become More Undeniably Magnetic In Your Daily Life!

Sep 8, 2021 | Prosperity

Things work out far more often when you expect them to work out. That is a great starting place for all things.

That said, in day-to-day life there’s a lot that can come up that can be distracting, that can pull you off your focused path and sink your sense of certainty.

We’re shown lots of reasons to not believe in our dreams. We’re told many things about how “reality” works and what we “just need to accept.”

Not my reality! I deeply believe in all the possibilities in every moment. I believe in new ways to do everything, new discoveries every day and constant growth. I don’t believe in competition no matter how many people want to try to “compete” with me. I can’t live in a paradigm where some people win and some lose because there’s space for everyone to thrive.

It can take some real practice to yank yourself from the limitations of that stuff that wants to keep you in a certain place of status quo and move into your own best rhythm. We do this practice in The Feng Shui School– The School of Intention— in a definitive way, because the only way to work with possibility is to live with more of it!

You can open up to more possibility at any time when you make a big decision.

When you set up the energy around you to match your highest and greatest good, you won’t find a lot that can ruffle your feathers on a daily basis and you blaze a path toward what you want.

When you live with a feeling that you are absolutely going to create/ experience/ manifest things, you are absolutely not going to be denied!

Start lighting up that magnetic energy right now.

Get in the spirit of constant growth every day.

Approach every day as an adventure, a gift and an opportunity.

You might have scary, uncertain or incredibly difficult things to do and I promise you that this approach a a gift will bring new life and dimension to these experiences. Even in the very darkest of times, I’ve found this spirit of growth to be one of the few things that pull me through.

On the average day, this sprit of growth ensures that nothing is “average.” Nothing is “just OK.” There’s something to learn, something to uncover, something to create… and you’ll be on the lookout as you feel the adventure in the air.

Ready your space every day to receive!

Cleaning opens up your space to receive new things. Clutter clearing opens your space to receive new and amazing things.

Literally all of Feng Shui in the way we work with it here opens up your space to receive great new and amazing things.

Dump the trash. Gift. Recycle. Let things go. And open up to loads of fresh personal magic!

Start planning as if things are moving as you want them to move.

If you’re planning as though things are about to say the same, things will stay the same.

As Abraham Hicks famously said, “Whatever you’re thinking about is literally like planning a future event. When you’re worrying, you are planning. When you’re appreciating you are planning…What are you planning?”

What are you planning?!

Start making plans that account for progress in the near future and major transformation in the years ahead!

Daily energy clearing keeps your vibes strong and bright.

If you want your life to feel more magnetic, keep the energy around you high and light. I’ve made SO MANY videos on my You Tube that can walk you through easy ways to shift energy in your home and life.

I share so many here on the blog.

But, the key to all of them is this:

Stay open to a new way of feeling and moving through life.

That’s what higher energy will do– it will shift your paradigm. It will shift your perspective. It will shift your reactions and actions.

Lean into it, even if it feels unfamiliar as long as it feels exciting!

We could talk about magnetism forever but I’ll leave you with one thought for the day: what you think about, what you talk about and what you do are more powerful than any magic in the world. Keep yourself immersed in abundance and you’ll see it everywhere!



P.S.: you can get all the details to join in The School of Intention Professional Feng Shui Certification Program HERE! 


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