Feng Shui To Take The Resistance Out Of Your Creative Process!

Sep 15, 2021 | Creativity

If you’re simultaneously feeling frustrated, stifled, panicked or otherwise wound up and tense and, at the same time you’re trying to make a breakthrough in life… it may be time for a little energy shift.

Nothing is impossible and you certainly can be frazzled and have the biggest and most abundant breakthroughs. But, it’s a lot harder. It’s often exhausting. And, that tightly-coiled and contracted energy often creates roadblocks in your creative flow.

It’s interesting to see that relaxation– the easiest thing to do in many ways– can feel like the biggest risk when you’re in a situation where you need to create results, the clock is ticking, deadlines are approaching and the like.

Downshift into more flow, clear your energy field, take the risk on feeling fantastic (*even in these times where you feel compelled to push through though you feel miserable) and let the abundance flow in!

It feels really good to feel really good, and it’s also incredibly effective for all of life.

Here are a few Feng Shui ways to get into this prosperous energy of more openness today!

–Write out your fears and frustrations and shred up the paper. Suppressing them won’t help. Releasing them absolutely will transform things.

–Notice how you feel throughout the day and check your level of tension. Tension in your body mirrors tension in your life. Let that tension go on any way possible and, in reflection afterward, maybe at the end of the day or at a quiet time, notice where it’s coming from and see if you can unwind the cause.

Tension in your home shows up as the constant whirlwind messes that erupt, the spots or things that break frequently or never get repaired and the places of low energy.

In the last month alone I have deep cleaned my laundry room (*historically it’s so dusty), built new furniture for deep organization and also created a new mopping routine for deeply grounding floors under foot.

The word deep is no accident here– the idea is to root out the past unwanted energy and replace it with fresh, glowing, intentional power.

— Make it a priority to dream all day long. Look at your vision board, wish lists, visualize the finish line, daydream about ideal scenarios, revel in luscious inspiration.

Yes, it’s great to do just once a day for a few minutes if that’s all you can manage, but by weaving it through your day all day long you’ll start in a space of inspiration and transport yourself to the timeline where things fall in place far more easily.

Dreaming big, relaxing more, opening up space— it’s all a part of designing the life that you love the most. You’ll feel the flow. You’ll build past barriers and limitations that once stopped you in your tracks.

— Stop yourself from forcing things. It’s not rich energy.

You’ll know when you’re forcing things because you’ll spend too much time overthinking and doubting yourself.

Rest, get your mind clear and follow your feelings. You might feel like taking a day off, sleeping or doing something else that’s thought to be unproductive. It’s not. It’s very productive.

Leave that stress out of your genius. Let yourself shine. And make each moment extraordinary because you deserve it.



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