Feng Shui To Navigate Your Way Through A Major Life Transformation!

Oct 31, 2021 | Uncategorized

Things are wonderful and strange at the moment– and this is what tends to happen to me and many people I know in-between big growth spurts in life.

You’ve outgrown the familiar things you’re used to doing but the new routines aren’t fully familiar or maybe not fully formed yet. Things might be sputtering a bit– like you’ve outgrown them. You might feel restless and possibly a little overwhelmed, even if you’re overloaded with good things or great events.

I’ve seen, lived through and helped people to navigate lots of these big energy changes and I realize that there’s definitely a period of acclimation involved in even the most positive changes.

You recalibrate. Tie up loose ends. Really sweep away the remnants of old habits that no longer serve you. You might even change your style or dye your hair or… anything else that is part of getting settled in at this new level of productivity, abundance, energy, creativity, and activity.

If you’ve been working on making a big change and feel a bit wobbly in the midst of all this positive change, I hope this can be helpful… because… it’s time to soar!

Change requires new things. New things are not instantly comfortable to your brain and nervous system. Even if they are great things.

One of the reasons people stop reaching high and taking creative risks is this fear of the wobble that can happen.

It’s a feeling like if you’ve ever climbed up a tall ladder and caught a glimpse of how high up you are. It can make you feel all kinds of feelings– many that can easily be mistaken for pure fear. So… you might quickly come back down the ladder and only attempt to climb back up it to a “comfortable” height, even though you were totally fine at the top of the ladder until you happened to look down.

When you look down from a great height, you realize that things are very different and every reference point you’re used to (in this case, you might be used to the ground being close beneath your feet) is now different.

You can apply this ladder analogy to soaring to greater heights in your career, entering a meaningful relationship, buying property, healing in a triumphant way, getting recognized for your creative gifts— and just about any other life-expanding event.

It’s all new at first and it can bring up tons of emotions.

My first idea to share today: try not to let those emotions trigger you to retreat from your brilliant success trajectory! It’s far better in my mind to feel temporarily uncomfortable than limited and stuck.

Now, let’s get into navigating this time of big change.

— Things may need upgrades along with your life upgrade, like this very blog did when it outpaced its old technology and got an upgrade earlier this year. Embrace the upgrades~ 

This stuff would drive me crazy in the past. Everything was significant, stressful and so tightly controlled when I first started doing this work– and that was exhausting.

Now, the need to make upgrades is a big opportunity.

— Things might feel a little bit like energetic overwhelm— so lean into rest.

When you’re making changes, you might be tempted to push harder or do more and more. Instead, try to rest more. A lot more. Self care can’t possibly be practiced enough. Between spritzes of aromatherapy, long baths, healing teas, meditation breaks, long walks and sleep– my days are getting heavier on self love in action.

— Things might feel a little chaotic— so lean into clearing more space.

Ultimately, if you’re feeling like things are pulling you in different directions, take a moment. Notice where your energy is going. Make a list of everything on your mind. Get it out of your head. You can manage so much more when you see it.

Then, you can start decluttering.

Decluttering in all ways is completely life-changing!

Whether you start by clearing out your stuffed closets, shredding the extra papers or slashing the extra things on your schedule– this is all revolutionary!

It may not seem like it’s going to make a difference– but I’ve seen clutter clearing in all forms spark the most epic transformations.

I am all about transformations. Seeing them, living them and most importantly and gratefully– helping people to navigate them as much as I can. And, there are seasons of transformations ahead!

Let’s make it all amazing!



P.S.: The Catalyst Camp Life De-Clutter is coming soon!

It starts with a FREE 3-Video Series to revolutionize your clutter clearing… with lots of feng shui magic mixed in, too!  You can sign up HERE to get started!

Clearing clutter- even the overwhelmingly tough stuff- can – and will-  be super-fun!!!


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