It’s Incredibly Rewarding To Focus On Raising Your Vibration!

Feb 21, 2022 | Creativity

raising your vibration

Raising your vibration isn’t just a good idea- it can be the focus that helps life take new and abundant turns, it can make you feel exponentially more well and it can bring things in life more of a gloss and glow.  After all, your vibration is a reflection of how you feel and feeling good, is, perhaps, the reason we want things and create things in the first place?!

If I define my professional responsibilities and job specifically, it includes about 50% raising my vibration in all ways and 50% creativity.

I always tell students in The School of Intention that this work can’t help but change your life because you’re always looking for the highest vibes and brining them to homes, every single day.

When your energy is more in line with more of what you desire– when you’re calm, present, grounded, feeling good– it becomes easier and easier to manifest more and make breakthroughs!

Raising your vibration doesn’t mean you need to be happy all the time, either. Every emotion is equally valid, your feelings are all important and it’s never about having a perfect state of beaming “unicorns and rainbows” bliss.

That said, even a little more ease, more love, more joy, more inner peace– it all goes the distance to help you stay at an overall higher level of energy.

It’s easier to experience FLOW. Your whole system feels more in flow. Your thoughts feel more in flow. Things come together with more flow. 

When you make the idea of raising your vibration a focus in your life, you can find moments at just about any point in the day to do things that transform your life for the better. And, you might just spread lots of joy in the process.

raising your vibration

–When you wake up in the morning, you can decide, even if you don’t feel great, that it will be an amazing day today where something great happens. It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking. You don’t need to do 12 things at 5am to optimize your life unless you like doing that. What matters is that you can make a daily decision and see the energy moving to a higher and lighter place as you make that daily decision.

–You can smile at strangers on the street, and even share some meaningful compliments.

–Sneak in a few minute break for meditation or visualization. I used to take breaks at my last day-job for 15 minutes, sit outside in the back of the building and visualize all kinds of amazing possibilities for the future. The year I left that day job, my income doubled when this work became my full time job, and it happened seemingly in an instant. It was all those moments I took in peace and joy to raise my vibration that build a momentum that was pretty undeniable!

–Keep snacks on hand that make you feel amazing. My amazing snacks range from fruit juice jello and cinnamon cookies (I’m a child at heart) to bowls of soup and tons of fruit. I always need something on hand that makes me feel amazing because that energy goes the distance every day.

–Get a little more sunshine. Fresh air. Outdoors. Wildlife. You might even want to start a garden or an indoor garden of houseplants.

–Stopping yourself from complaining/gossip and switching the subject instead can be a super-switch toward lighter energy.

In fact, you can stop yourself mid-way through anything that drags you down and decide to move life in much more vibrant and open-hearted directions!

Right now, for instance, I could complain about needing to make dinner when I don’t particularly feel like making it… or I could just think of something simple to make or have delivered. My experience is that the moment I complain about making dinner, the more I start gathering more complaints and then I have to spend a long time shaking off all my whiny behavior.

I’d rather just make something easy and stay incredibly grateful.

The more you practice small ways to raise your vibration you’re also practicing gratitude. Being blessed in the moment, having options in the moment, knowing all that you can do in the moment— it’s all something to be incredibly grateful for, and something I never want to fall away from.

Your high vibes aren’t just for you, after all– they echo out into the world!

So, weave a little more joy and light into your day. You’ll be amazed how much these small moments snowball into big, magnetic, exciting life shifts!



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