Reorganize Your Life To Get Big Things Done With Ease!

May 7, 2022 | Prosperity

reorganize your life

Do you need to reorganize your life to get something big done?

I do. I have been feeling this day dawning for quite some time, as I have so many things I want to do and just 24 hours to get them done! Plus, I now find that nine hours of sleep and three hours of spiritual practice and a few hours of breaks and leisure are non-negotiable.

So, I basically have eight or nine hours a day to make these really big things happen. That’s it. So, every minute really counts.

If you are ready to reorganize your own life right now, I suggest starting with the above: 

Write out the most generous amount of time you need for sleep, for your own self care, breaks and fun. This is all stuff that is non-negotiable.  Now you know how much time in hours you actually have for your “work” projects.  These are usually the things we skip when life gets busy, but if you skip these things, you are likely going to become way less productive and way less happy, both things we want to avoid!

How much time do you have to devote to your work without taking the joy out of life?!

reorganize your life

Now— write out the things you need time to do every day that are related to your “work productivity”.  What do you have going on right now? 

–I’ve got a big creative project that needs to be completed in the next month, and it’s a hard deadline that I can not miss.

–Plus, The School of Intention is open for Registration and I am so excited to have calls with everyone who’s ready to join in and become a Feng Shui Professional. (You can get all the details HERE!)

–Oh, yes, and I have to paint my house. And get some new furniture. There’s that, too.

It’s all fun… it’s all exciting… but it’s no small month ahead.

If I spend my time doing things like— idly searching the internet, doing needless errands, being generally disorganized or anything else that is a big time suck– I’m dwindling the hours I have to get things done.

A big reorganization is underway!

These are the ideas that are guiding me in filling life with love:

Break down your big projects into realistic steps.  While I believe everything is possible, it’s unrealistic for me to say I’m going to sit at a computer for five hours a day and do one thing non-stop. That “magical thinking” got me into a lot of trouble in the past, as I’d put myself in a position where I was setup to fail.

Do you need time daily to complete something big? I know I need roughly five hours (of my total of nine or so) each day to get this one big thing done. But, if I do three hours in the morning and two hours of reviewing and researching in the evening, this feels a lot better than doing five hours straight.

Do you need more flexible time to do daily tasks? For example, I don’t need to post on Tiktok and Instagram at a certain time of the day, so I can be flexible and do them at some point where they fit in. But, other things (teaching, calls, etc) have set times.  It’s helpful to leave yourself flexibility so you can stay inspired and don’t feel beholden to a strict schedule.

reorganize your life

Double down on self-care.  I just took a nap and I’m going to take a big bath after I’m done with a few things.  I used to skip out on these things because “I’m too busy” and would feel miserable and uninspired. Double down on self love when you’re looking to make breakthroughs and it will never steer you wrong!

Truly shut off when your work day is done.  If you’re answering work emails into the night, waking up with your iPad or phone, constantly thinking about what you have to do– you aren’t ever really rejuvenating.  And, that lack of boundaries is rarely rewarded with more success or wealth… but it does very quickly lead to burnout.

Keep the energy around you super-stunningly bright. This is a big aspect of Feng Shui that will support you every day– when the energy around you is light and bright, you will feel uplifted and invigorated. This entire YouTube playlist of Abundance can help you start boosting the energy super-high… today!

Also… realize that working at Level 10 is not for every day or all the time!  Once this big project is done, I’m taking at least a month to create fun content and make art before the next big things begin. I used to just go and go and go … and it wasn’t pretty for my life, my health or anything else.

Designing your time is one of the most powerful ways to design your life and focus your energy on what you want… and what you focus on will invariably grow!




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