My Favorite Intuitive Shares More About Your Psychic Gifts!

Jun 10, 2022 | Sensory Goodness

psychic gifts

Your psychic gifts and intuitive powers are huge.  And, yet, sometimes many of us can use some confirmation, wisdom and insight from others who use their vast psychic gifts to help others.

I moved to Los Angeles because a psychic told me to move.  Well, I wanted to move, but she really made it clear that this is where I needed to be. Over the years she had become a family friend, I moved to Los Angeles, she became quite famous and I lost touch with her.  Back in those days I wasn’t really in tune with myself at all, so she was really steering me through life, which I would never intrust anyone to do at this point.  It was an important part of my own learning — rusting myself.

My friend since childhood went through a “psychic moment” many years ago where she was taking to psychics– many of them, very often.  That’s when she met, amidst the cloud of information she was collecting on a regular basis one of the most gifted intuitive readers who became a new family friend.

In fact, it still astonishes me (but doesn’t surprise me) how many of my friends and family have had sessions with Lilia and continue to do so, to this day.

Now, I don’t turn to anyone to tell me the future. Lilia has helped me to learn to trust my own intuition, and while her psychic gifts are off-the-charts, she doesn’t ever cast predictions I’m not looking to hear.  I’m so excited that Lilia Sanchez agreed to share more about being a professional intuitive and how you can access more of your own psychic gifts!

psychic gifts

How did you first learn that you had this psychic gift?

Lilia- I first learned about my gift through my mother. When I was around 5 years old, I started understanding my gifts. At this time my mom told me my story beginning in the womb. When my mother was 7 months pregnant, she started to hear an infant cry. She could hear the crying as if it were at a distance. For days she heard the crying, and it would scare her. Then she went to her next doctor’s appointment for her routine checkup, and at this appointment she heard the crying again, and the nurse who was in the room also heard it. To her disbelief, they both discovered it was me crying in her womb. She told me that at this point she knew I was going to be different. As I grew older, she told me I would know things that I was not supposed to know. I would predict when my father would be home from work, when my aunts and uncles would come over to visit, when relatives would fall ill, and even when one of our neighbors had a car accident. The older I became, the more I would know, and the more I could read people. I felt like I completely knew I had a gift around the age of 5, and I knew other kids around me did not see and feel what I did.

Was there a process you needed to go through to learn how to separate your thoughts from your psychic senses?  If so, can you explain a little bit about some important concepts you needed to learn in order to do this?

Lilia- There was a process that I had to learn to separate my thoughts from my psychic senses. This process was very difficult because I have many different psychic abilities. My abilities consist of communicating with spirit guides and guardian angels, feelings (a knowing), visions, dreams, smells, sensations and intentions. Before I learned tools to control myself, I always felt as if I had an overload of sensations and emotions. It was hard to understand what was mine and what was not mine. I started having issues going out in public, especially in crowded places. I would start going into panic mode, but then I noticed that it was all linked to my breathing.  So, I started using my senses to hear my breathing and time my breathing. Once I figured out my breathing patterns, I was able to discern my abilities from my thoughts and other people’s thoughts. This helped me tremendously. Eventually I started working with a person whom I trusted that would help me perfect my breathing technique, as well as hear me and mentor me.

How do you help people through your psychic abilities? 

Lilia- I like to think that I help people discover their options, as well as coach people through their issues. I consider my readings to be different than the traditional psychic reading because the messages that I receive come from spirit guides and guardian angels. This means that my clients don’t just get a prediction and a possibility, they get different options, as well as cause and effect, predictions, blockages, lessons, details, and insight into behaviors and actions.  My hope is that people leave me feeling like they have a plan and direction, along with tools that may help them have their best outcomes.

psychic gifts

How have you seen people transform through your psychic readings and guidance – through showing them their true potential and highest potential outcomes for their life? 

Lilia- By the Grace of God using me as a vessel to help others, I have seen people completely heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I have seen people find their true path in life, as well as discover their abilities and gifts. Many of my clients have healed from childhood scars, past love trauma, toxic patterns, behavioral issues, addictions and social anxieties. Marriages and family relationships are my specialty, and I have had the pleasure of helping many couples rekindle their love and conserve their marriage and family.

There is a widely held notion that if a psychic predicts something and it doesn’t happen, that they are not a “good” psychic.  Can you explain why psychic predictions for outcomes in the future heavily rely on the actions, beliefs and energy of the person being read. 

Lilia- I firmly believe and know that there is not one person in this world that can predict time with accuracy and precision. There are a couple of different reasons why this is the case. Free will is a major reason why predictions can change, especially if it depends on a conditional situation or relationship. Faith – faith is very important, and many people struggle with faith especially when they are in a negative place in life. Energy – energy from all parties involved must be balanced and positive in order to facilitate predictions to come to pass. Lastly, emotions – if your emotions are not balanced and are obsessive and in control of you rather than you being in control of them, you can create a blockage. This blockage delays or changes your prediction.  There are times when we are allowed to get the prediction right including the timing of this predictions and all the details. This is due to destiny, if it is destined to happen, it must happen and it will happen.

When you look into someone’s future and see a potential outcome, can you see how much the outcome relies on their free will or if something is “soul contracted” in their destiny?  By soul contracted, I mean something their soul signed up to experience in this lifetime for the purpose of expansion and growth – something that will happen irrespective of our actions and will.

Lilia- Yes, during the reading I will be shown if something is absolutely destined to happen and will happen regardless of free will and other factors. I also receive messages and details for people to understand their free will and their actions.

How can people connect more to their Inner Guidance? How can connecting to our Inner Guidance help us in life?  

Lilia- First step to connecting with your inner guidance is always acknowledging that this guidance is there for us and should be our first “go-to “ – especially in times of need. I believe practicing meditation where we focus on listening to ourselves internally, is important. Listen to your breathing, to your heart beat and to your body. Doing this will help you know what is of you and how you sound and function. These meditations will also help you hear your guides or feel them depending on your gift. Lastly, fasting is a great tool to help us tap into our inner guidance. While fasting I always encourage testing our spirit guides and guardian angels. By testing I mean, asking them simple questions and waiting for their answers and being patient to receive them.

Since there are many different types of psychic abilities – what are some signs a person can use to know if they have a psychic sense? 

Lilia-Some of my favorite signs that tell us about our abilities are as follows: if you find yourself overstimulated, feeling like you catch things from your peripheral vision, visions, vivid dreams, picking up energies or vibrations, a knowing that is inexplicable but you are accurate, and if you are always singled out as being different. Another sign that is not as telling, but is fun and exciting is favor or attraction.  This is how much others are drawn to you and attracted to you regardless of age and gender.

Are we all psychic to some degree?

Lilia-I believe we are all psychic to some degree. We are all given gifts at birth that will help us in life if we decide to harvest them and accept them. With that being said, I also have learned in doing personal readings for so many years, and even in my own personal experience, there are levels of abilities dependent upon our life path, and what we were created to do in this lifetime. Some people all together reject their gifts and prefer to harvest gifts that are learned through educations and studies, and in doing so reject the idea of having psychic ability.

How can someone know if helping people through their intuition and psychic gifts is their calling?

Lilia-  Most of the time when helping people through intuition and psychic gifts is your calling in life you will notice that people naturally gravitate to you for help. You will find yourself in situations where people over share and look to you for guidance. People will tend to tell you how much you comfort them and help them.

Thank you so much for all of this incredible wisdom Lilia!  You can reach out to Lilia via text to inquire about private sessions at 971-216-2099.





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