Feng Shui To Maintain Your Momentum And Finish Big Things

Jul 7, 2022 | Creativity

maintain your momentum

Sometimes you need extra energy to maintain your momentum and finish bog things.  Often that means you need more sleep, more inspiration, more confidence, more encouragement– or more of all of the above.  Sometimes it’s pure endurance you need– like in the last bits of a marathon– to ride on a high and cross the finish line. In all cases, your environment can support you in getting things done.

I haven’t been here for a while because I’ve been busy birthing something new that you’ll be able to see and experience soon enough.  Soon enough is a new phrase for me, one that I latched onto to give myself grace during these last few months. Grace is yet another quality that you can’t quite get enough of when you need to accomplish big things.

Big things can be personal– healing, revitalizing yourself from burnout, going through a transition, moving through grief, moving to a new home.

Big things can be creative or career oriented– a new job, a big project, a new investment, something that mobilizes every resource in your energetic toolkit and stockpile of wisdom to get it done.

What I didn’t realize when I signed on to this project was that it would be both a personal and creative endeavor, a monumental undertaking, even though it seemed so simple on the surface. My magnetic pull toward it told me that it was important and needed to be done now.

Naively, or foolishly, I though this would be incredibly easy, quick and seamless.

Instead, it’s been a life-changing process that’s brought me to deeper levels of healing, made me examine my whole life, caused me to tap into energetic reserves I didn’t know were so deep and made it imperative to reorganize my own life.

The end is in sight, but I’m not there yet.  By next week i will be there, with a heavy dose of faith and ease, grace and artistry, focus and self-love, and I can tell you that the closer it comes, the more I am drawn into my own transformation.

If you’re in a marathon of some sort– personal, creative or…both– these are a few of the things I’ve leaned on to maintain momentum when things seemed very hard to confront.

Rest when you need rest, no matter when that is. Two hour naps, breaks for an entire morning, days off to do nothing when you think you simply can’t– this is essential. It’s not extra. Without the full stock of your energy available to you, everything is more difficult and you’ll feel yourself dragging instead of gliding through the day.

Keep the energy around you lighter than you think possible. I’ve had all my windows open all day long. I do this– never. I needed this now. All day long, candles burn, incense, herbs, aromatherapy and more are clearing the space around me.

Put rewards on your path. Today, it’s a brilliant aura clearing bath with crystals this afternoon, a haul of flowers delivered with groceries and bed early as everything is completed today. This weekend, I’m taking the time to get a new piece of furniture set up. My list for when I’m fully done– all the epic things — including endless self-care, thatI’ll be doing for two months or more– is exciting enough to move through this time!

Resist the urge to rush. I want to move really fast. I can only move a the pace I’m moving today. I rushed through spots and they’re all being redone from ton to bottom. Gratefully, I didn’t rush through a lot.  It’s such a lesson to stay in the moment.

Play music. Deeply motivating music. Calming music. Endless music.

Stay grateful for the challenge.  There’s never been a time that a monumental task has failed to be life changing. While I know that the lessons are often more pleasant on the surface when they are gradual and mild in their arrival, but if things come in big waves… ride those waves with gratitude!

Here’s to very big thins unfolding for you as you maintain your momentum and make breakthroughs!

There’s so much more to share, and so much more Feng Shui for deep empowerment ahead this season.  I am so excited to be back here, reconnected with all of you!



P.S.: As The School of Intention Professional Feng Shui Certification opens for enrollment, I can tell you that nothing is a greater reward on my path than this.  The opportunity to guide and witness so many brilliant people become masterful at shaping energy and manifesting their desires using Feng Shui and all of their personal genius is astonishing. Knowing that they’ll be empowered and ready to confidently help others to do the same– designing dream homes and dream lives in the process–  is a next-level thrill.  Watching them do brilliant work in the world is breathtakingly epic.

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