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Jul 18, 2022 | Creativity

learn feng shui

I first decided to learn Feng Shui to work on my own home.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was embarking on a lifelong learning journey that would encompass science, energetics, creativity, color psychology, design, art history, aromatherapy, environmental studies, peak performance research, ancient wisdom and modern innovation.

A world of magic opened up when I understood that Feng Shui, in the way that I was developing my own practice free of dogma, free of religion yet full of potency, was a method of life-transformation.

learn Feng Shui

Being magnetic is so much easier than being in a race every day. And, your home can be a huge part of your personal magnetism.

This doesn’t mean idly waiting for things to happen and hoping things work out. It’s actually the opposite.

–Instead of waiting for things to happen, you can set super-clear intentions, make big decisions and feel certain that they’ll manifest. This certainty and great expectations leads to amazing outcomes.

–Instead of hoping, you can create things every day from an energy of excitement, bringing your genius to every day. Creativity is your manifesting power.

–Instead of waiting, you can live in the energy you want to feel every day.  You’ll be surrounded by your intentions, your dreams and desires everywhere you look.  You’ll have energy around you that makes you feel amazing– lifted, clear-minded, powerfully motivated and yet peaceful, centered and present.

As you use Feng Shui, you can surround yourself with more and more of the energy you want to experience every day.  As you do, your life changes in incredible ways. It’s easier to stay focused. It’s easier to feel better.  Inspiration flows. Intuitive power flows.

So many people have been sending messages lately expressing their absolutely shock about the massive ways that their lives have changes after working on their homes.

This is part of the reason I became completely entranced by Feng Shui in the last two decades. And, the more I learn and innovate, the bigger the life shifts.

The best part of this process is that you create the magic. I’m here to guide the process.  The Feng Shui experts in The School of Intention are there to guide the process. But… you are the magic. Your style, your desires, your

Here’s a compilation of some of the greatest benefits of Feng Shui that may prompt you to start to learn Feng Shui for yourself!

There’s so much more to explore.  You can read the blog.  You can watch the Feng Shui Videos. You can get a Consultation.  Or, you can learn to work on a Professional Level with Feng Shui and share your own Feng Shui work with the world.  Life coaches, Health coaches, Interior Designers, Business Coaches, Relators, Wellness professionals, Artists and Healers have all brought Feng Shui to their businesses to expand their offerings in effective and potent ways.

We are not separate from out environment.  Space has an enormous impact on our lives.  Feng Shui in this unique Method can open doors to so much more abundance and infinite possibilities.

If you’re interested in becoming a Feng Shui Professional or learning this work to expand your own home and life power, you can get all the details to join in The School of Intention Professional Feng Shui Certification Program HERE!




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