Feng Shui To Follow Your Intuition And Manifest More Abundance!

Jul 25, 2022 | Creativity

follow your intuition

Feng Shui can help you to tap into your instincts, follow your intuition and make decisions in powerful ways that don’t involve over-analysis.  As you create clear space around you it can help you to trust yourself and believe in your innovative ideas, unique perspective and vantage point of infinite possibilities. 

 Your environment has a profound impact on your life and emotions. 

Everything you see is sensing you messages all day long.

When you see order, shining surfaces, thriving plants, beautiful colors, memories of wonderful times– it serves you reminders of bliss, clarity, joy, growth and harmony.  When you see clutter, unfinished projects, dust, unwashed dishes and the like– you get a sense that things are stuck or spiraling downward.

Everything you feel– the energy around you, the waves of sound, the quality of the air you’re breathing, the color of the light bouncing off the walls of the rooms you sit in– all have a profound impact upon your mood, your mind and your manifesting power.

When you smell your favorite flowers and feel fresh air wafting through the windows, there’s a palpable brightness around you.  When you’re in a space that’s been riddled with stress and tension, you can feel that energy looming large as well.

When you set up spaces in your life that are full of flow and positive energy, it can help you to tap into more of your superpowers and follow your intuition every day.  

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