5 Feng Shui Ways To Feel Cozy At Home

Nov 7, 2022 | Creativity

cozy at home

Your comfort level reflects how grounded, safe, calm and at ease you feel, which is why it’s so important to feel cozy at home. After all, your home is your sanctuary, and without a feeling of being “at home” in your home, you wont be as rested, relaxed, receptive and joyful. Luckily, it’s very easy to bring more delightful energy to your space and feel cozy at home!

1. Declutter. First and foremost. There’s nothing quite like decluttering to create a clean slate of fresh energy at home and in your life. Clearing clutter can reduce stress and increase the flow of chi around you, helping you to feel more present and rooted in the moment.

2. Try more hygge. Hygge is the Danish art of happiness that overflows with cozy joy.  There are so many simple ways to add hygge to your lifestyle and they are all incredibly rewarding. My fuzzy hat and slippers today are a testament to the power of hygge and it’s mood-boosting magic.

3. Adjust the noise levels.  If you’ve been blasting music, quiet it down. Add a rug in a room that has an echo.  Try thicker curtains to blot out some of the city noise. You might even get a white noise machine to help you sleep more deeply.

4. Tune the colors so you can rest. Restful colors are great in relaxation rooms.What are your best restful colors? This is wholly personal. For some, deep colors are hypnotic and mesmerizing.  For others, it’s earth tones.  My living room is downshifting into shades of beige with really deliberate yet very subdued added colors in the new art that’s being made.

5. Surround yourself with pleasure. Whether it’s games, books, tarot cards, fabulous podcasts, fabulous food in the kitchen, and most importantly, fabulous people, this added pleasure will help you feel magnetically attracted to your home in the most empowering ways.

This is all fairly easy, but the results can be enormous. Your home is a reflection of you.  As you sink into the joy of your home, you connect to more of your unstoppable power!

Here’s to ultra-cozy days ahead!



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Clearing clutter- even the overwhelmingly tough stuff- can – and will-  be super-fun!!!


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