3 Feng Shui Energy Shifts To Manifest More Through Self-Reflection!

Nov 8, 2022 | Creativity

manifest more through self reflection

While it’s tempting to think that the answers are all outside of us– what we learn, hat other people know or think– you can manifest so much more than you may realize through self-reflection.

Self-reflection, in this case, isn’t about deep thought as a mental activity.  Rather, it’s quieting your mind so you can tune into the information or confirmation you are seeking.

Indeed, there are times when you need information from others, when you have things to learn and skills to practice.  But, in my own experience, even when there’s a lot of information needed, there’s still a huge amount to be gained from this inner wisdom.

I’ve “talked myself into” and “reasoned myself into” decisions that were very wrong for me, and maybe you’ve done the same. Now, I’ve come to see that learning, research, getting advice, building my skill sets and using my rational thought is fantastic, but I don’t disregard that keen feeling sense that tells me what’s best for me as I navigate through life.

Here are a few ways to gain more clear contact with inner wisdom, using self-reflection to supercharge your creativity and manifest more in the best ways for you!

manifest more through self reflection

Clear the visual clutter that you see around you. When we see a lot of stuff– and I can definitely say this based on the stuff I see on my desk that does not belong there right now (!)– it can be visually distracting.  And, it can cause sensory overload. It may not be actual clutter.  For example– I need my notebooks, and a lot of the things on my desk are both useful and important.  But, I don’t need to see it all. When I see it all, I feel less inspired to sit to work in a flow of brilliance.  I feel less inclined to dig in and get to the bottom of things.

This can apply to any room in your home, your office or even your car: too much stuff in your view can pull your focus and make it harder to feel rooted in the moment. Clear it away, as I am about to before I finish writing this, and you’ll feel the welcoming energy shift.

Use a journal in creative and empowering ways. 

This video can show you how:

Take a pause before reacting to things.  This I learned from a friend who has many highly charged decisions to make every week at her job.  Under pressure, our desire to instantly react to emails, calls and conversations is heightened, but the responses made instantly are not always as grounded and aligned as we’d like them to be.  Pausing– whether for five minutes or even a full day when possible– can take the reactive quality out of these decisions and help you to move from a place of greater connection. She counts the minutes now to be sure that enough time has passed and she feels good about what she’s communicating. It deflates stress a lot. It can help situations to spiral up rather than down into more chaos. It’s been an invaluable tool to stay in a more self-reflective space every day.

These are a few ways to get started. As you dig into your home energy and use Feng Shui in amazing ways, you can make changes that help you to tap into more of your intuitive brilliance all of the time!

Here’s to major awesome energy ahead!



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