My Experience With A Relatively New Energy Shifting Practice Surprised Me!

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emotion code body code

I’ve been in and around the world of energy and metaphysics for as long as I can remember, and in my adult life, I’ve tried every new energy shifting practice I could find.  And, when I say this, know that I’ve searched high and low. I’ve been to underground practitioners that have scared the pants off of me, and others that have underwhelmed me. I’ve also had my mind blown more than a few times.

These days, I am far more discerning about what I’ll try. To give you an idea of where I’m coming from, some of my personal guidelines to work with any form of energy are these: I don’t work with any outside spirits, benevolent or not, I do not seek to control others or control life, I will not physically ingest anything unless from a highly-trained specialist, I add my own intention to things (meaning: I don’t buy intention candles or other objects imbued with intention), and I am not looking for anyone to tell me my exact future because I deeply believe we make our future and fortune.

All of the above have backfired spectacularly on me.  In fact, I’ll make a video on all of the above because I’ve learned so much from these experiences about what works for me.

If you enjoy any or all of the above, that is awesome!  I am not here to criticize, judge, or proclaim my values are superior. Nothing of the sort. I just like laying some groundwork for you before talking about shifting energy and emotions, so you can see where I’m coming from.  What works for you is excellent, and I champion and support all that you value.

Now, let’s get into what I tried most recently, when Madhvi, a Feng Shui Camp member reached out and offered to do a session of Emotion Code and Body Code with me.

Of course, I always appreciate every single wonderful act of generosity. So, I researched.  And, my curiosity was peaked. I had never tried this before!

emotion code body code

If you don’t know anything about Emotion Code or Body Code, it’s an energy modality developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson that is meant to work by identifying the stuck emotions in your body or energy field and set them free.  There are several aspects to this practice– identifying the underlying emotions with muscle testing, setting an intention to release them, and then using a magnet or your hand (which is thought to have it’s own magnetism0 to set them free.  I am vastly oversimplifying, but I’ve linked both books at the top of this paragraph so that you can read more from the creator himself.

I don’t know a tremendous amount more of the origin story of the method, but I did recognize that it seemed within my personal parameters, and I immediately felt a great affinity for Madhvi. 

I showed up to my first session knowing very clearly that I was dealing with an emotion of overwhelm prompted by my struggle with a very bad business deal for nearly six months.  Even though I was done with the project and had walked away, the energy was not easily clearing no matter what I tried.

We worked online and Madhvi took me through many screens online full of checklists. These checklists pointed to potential aspects at the root of my emotional issue.  For example, some checklists deal with the Chakra energy centers, some with subconscious beliefs, some with physical symptoms. She would walk through a process of whittling down the options and pinpointing all of the dynamics involved in this specific issue. Once we found a facet of the issue at hand, we would “clear” the energy of it by first setting an intention and then swiping my hand over my forehead and down the back of my head several times. Some people hold magnets while doing this, but I didn’t try a magnet until many sessions later.

She let me know that various practitioners worked in different ways. I loved her personal method. It was fascinating to see the layers of issues– how present-time emotions were connected to so many aspects of body and mind. I loved seeing the lists. I loved learning more about various types of energies explored.

I had an open mind and few expectations, so we moved through the session, leaning into this process.

By the end, I no longer felt that particular overwhelm. In fact, in all the very crazy busy months that have passed since that session, that feeling has not returned. I actually waited to write this so that I could speak to my results many months later– and it has been amazing.

I decided to do a series of sessions to follow. Madhvi has various programs she works with focused on topics. Her core topic of focus is love, but we started with a rundown of common beliefs about abundance.

It was eye-opening to see the beliefs that read strong for me on the list, and it was a true relief to get through them following the same process.  We’d look at a belief, she’s muscle test each checklist of emotions, and then we’d get to the core of each one.  I tried using a magnet for the clearing portion, but I noticed no difference with the magnet versus just using my hand for the energy release.

What was most refreshing about this entire experience was that I didn’t have to re-live — or even talk about– each incident or idea that came up. Yet, I felt a great relief when the sessions were over.

I can’t speak to the results of each and every item we handled on that “abundance list” of beliefs specifically, but I can say that I felt so much momentum building in new projects as we went through the sessions. It was like decluttering, stripping away a layer of old energies I hadn’t acknowledged. I felt lighter, more clear-minded, present, and focused.

Most meaningfully for me, the crushing sense of overwhelm we first cleared did not return.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can learn about Emotion Code, Body Code, and Madhvi’s practice HERE on her website.

I was pleasantly surprised, so much so that I’m excited to do more.  Let’s see what happens when I approach the topics of love and wellness. I’m so intrigued, and consider this a personal form of clutter clearing now. In this year of growth and innovation, I can’t wait to see how things unfold!

Here’s to your joy, creative power, soaring spirits, and lots of excellence this year and every year!




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