8 Feng Shui Ways To Become More Calm And Magnetic!

Apr 6, 2023 | Creativity

8 feng shui tips for calm and magnetic home

Today we’re exploring Feng Shui to create more calm and magnetic energy in life. Magnetic calm energy creates a solid foundation if you’re ready to build new, unstoppable, unlimited paradigms in life. All big transformation flows more effortlessly when you’re fully present and feeling fantastic.

This sets the stage for the work to come in the months ahead. I’m doing a deep-dive into the nervous system as well as the fascia networks of the body.  It’s become very apparent to me that these are a few of the biggest “X-Factors” when it comes to living your best, most thriving life. From Polyvagal Theory to brain scans by Dr. Amen, my research files and social media feeds are lit up with discoveries about nervous system regulation and life expansion.

While we’re starting with some potent basics of a calm home today, you can hop into The Breakthrough Camp in this season ahead to take your home and life alignment to a whole new level.

On an energetic level, tension shuts down the flow of abundance.

After mountains of energy work, thousands of hours of spiritual practice, and a full-scale immersion in Feng Shui, I am 1000% calmer than I used to be, but I still have habits of stress that sneak up on me from time to time. When the tension rises and takes hold in my body, it also lands in my home. Then, it takes weeks to unwind everything that’s gotten knotted up in this stress– redoing work that was done with stress that’s totally robotic, retreating into acupuncture sessions for my body, taking tons of naps to reset my system, and more.

8 feng shui tips for calm and magnetic home

It isn’t worth it to me to go through these cycles of intensity, because they always waste time and slow me down. They’re also exhausting and demoralizing. I’ve come to see these patterns in my own life as a form of self-sabotage.

You might feel the same. And, if you do, let’s start adding more ultra-calm energy at home.

Every energy shift you make at home will impact you on a daily basis. Environment has the most powerful influence upon your life. And, the benefits of relaxation are immense.

Let’s start here, to bring content to this whole process:

To Feng Shui more calm energy into your home and life:

–Clear clutter. From the moment you begin clearing clutter, you begin releasing stress and tension.

–Modulate the tones of color around you. Bright, rich, colors can be joyful but sometimes too active and stimulating. Soften the tones a bit:  you’ll feel softer and more grounded.

–Take your shoes off every day when you enter your home and wear fabulous slippers around the house. Not only will this cut down on toxins tracked into your space from the outdoors, the ritual will create more sacred space for you at home.

–Burn bay leaves.

–Open windows daily, and let the sun’s rays stream in. This is excellent to boost your home’s radiance while you get a bust of fresh air and joyful light!

–Remove visual overwhelm. Even if you love everything you see in your space, your mind and body will try to process everything it sees.  So, if your whole space is packed full of stuff, it can be overwhelming and stressful. Curate your countertops, shelves, and coffee tables to calm things down.

–Big, thriving plants and trees are spectacular. Deeply-rooted plants are an energetic match to your deeply-rooted, peaceful life.

–Sleep with blackout curtains in the bedroom. Your sleep quality may increase dramatically with blackout curtains or shades on your windows. I didn’t know that I wasn’t sleeping deeply until I got my first set of blackout curtains!

This is a great place to begin.

From here, you can start to layer more sensory richness, creative empowerment, and crystal-clear intention into your home to fully tap into the life-changing power of your environment.

The next steps will avail themselves when you’re ready. For now, the transformation begins with lush, comforting, deeply revitalizing, calm and magnetic energy.

Enjoy it all!



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