75 Magnetic: The Lifestyle Challenge To Supercharge Your Creativity And Abundance!

Aug 30, 2023 | Creativity

The Lifestyle Challenge To Supercharge Your Creativity And Abundance

It’s time for a 75 day long lifestyle challenge full of Feng Shui and practical magic to amplify your power, magnetism, and creative genius.  It’s what I’m calling 75 Magnetic, inspired by the Instagram and Tiktok fitness challenge known as 75 Hard.  I already knew that daily practice of anything– especially a series of actions that are focused on a goal– is transformational over time. What inspired be by watching people go through their own 75 Hard journey and many of its grueling daily steps was that it’s often incredibly enjoyable to know that other people are doing these steps with you as a game rather than a struggle.

75 Magnetic isn’t grueling and tough, but it does call on you to organize a little more and be in the present moment a lot.  in fact, when I started doing this, I was shocked to see how often I was distracted, spaced out, or less intentional than I’d like to be. In other words, I was wasting a lot of time and not feeling my magic at all. I felt empty before I started this the first time in a less formal way many years ago, and I’ve picked it back up in this more formal way both for myself and to share with all of you.

If you want to supercharge your creativity and abundance, feel your enchanted Midas Touch lit up fully every day, and leap into a zone of genius— let’s get started.

For the next 75 days, this is the plan. As always, I encourage you to customize it for yourself.

How to get started: 

–Set goals for your 75 Magnetic. How do you want to feel? What would you love to manifest? This is an excellent time to write out on paper exactly what you want from the 75 days ahead.  When you write things down you are far more likely to bring them to life, so get your very clear and specific desires on paper. I’m writing mine right after this is posted.

–You might want to grab yourself a basic notebook or a sketchpad, a pen, and read the list below. I’ve given you lots of details and resources here so you can set yourself up for success.  You don’t need to buy lots of things or do anything extraordinary to complete this challenge.

–Consistency is the secret ingredient, along with joy. The more fun you have, the more life-changing this will be. This challenge is 75 days long. It’s easier to do with a friend or to do as a group. A lot of the actions can fold into your pre-existing routines. It helps if you put them into your daily calendar. That said, if you miss a day completely, add five more days to the end of your challenge. If you don’t do a day completely, don’t sweat it. If it becomes a habit, tack five more days onto the end of the challenge.

–Also, please note that even though you may feel creatively blocked, blah, flat, stuck, or otherwise uninspired, you are not broken. This isn’t about being perfect. It’s about feeling everything and being true to yourself.

Now let’s get into the daily steps: 

writing morning pages

1. Morning Pages start the day. This is Julia Cameron’s exercise from The Artist’s Way book that I can not say enough good things about. Sit down with your notebook and your morning tea/coffee/water and write three pages of anything and everything on your mind. You may have no thoughts, just complaints, or have no idea where to start. Write anyway. Write as fast and as fearlessly as you can, knowing that this is not a literary journal, it’s a place of unbridled self-expression. Once you’re done with three pages, flip to a new page in your notebook and move to the next step.

2. Write out your top 3 intentions. Look at your calendar if you have one. What’s most important that you do today? Write out all the things that are most important to you. Now, circle the top 3 biggest priorities, even if they take very little time.  For example, if you’ve put off a call to your bank, and it’s important, it can be in your top 3 even if it takes 10 minutes total. The idea is to really get focused on what’s most important. We can get swept up in doing a lot of mundane busy work things all day long and seemingly get “nothing done.” The top 3 will put an end to that draining cycle.

shower meditation from @peacelovevibes

3. Take an energy clearing shower. The graphic above explains it best, helping you to use the cleansing power of water to reset your energy every day. This refinement for your daily shower can be so potent and I hope you love the glowing results!

The next steps you can do at any time that they fit well into your life.

reclaim your magic

4. Daily Visualization.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again– visualizing is one of the most studied, proven, and endorsed methods of optimizing just about every aspect of your life.  I bet you’ve heard this before. So many people have heard it. Yet, so many of us don’t practice it.  I don’t care if you visualize for 5 minutes or 30 minutes– just do it and enjoy every minute of it.

There are so many ways to visualize the future you want to create. I don’t want to overcomplicate things, so here are two very easy ways to visualize your dreams.

  1. Make a Vision Board and look at it for a few minutes every day, really feeling the energy and emotions of accomplishing everything on the list. The video above can help!
  2. Close your eyes and see yourself living within your dreams come true. Picture things clearly. Revel in every emotion. Notice the colors, sounds, scents, and other details in your visualized scenes. This is great to do as you’re falling asleep every night or when you first wake up in the morning, before you get out of bed (*set an alarm first so you dont fall asleep again!).

5. Do 2 or 3 rounds of EFT– otherwise known as Tapping. It’s a fabulous technique to release heavy emotions and stagnation while getting refocused on the positive aspects of life.  My favorite master of the craft is Brad Yates. You can search through his life-changing YouTube channel that’s linked here, find a video or two that match what you’re working on right now in life, and bookmark those videos to visit every day.  The more you practice tapping, the more you’ll see changes in your life.

As a bonus, once you’re familiar with the Tapping process and don’t need to watch the whole video to follow along, try doing this while looking in a mirror. Whew it’s so powerful!!!

6. Enjoy 30 minutes of movement every day.  Dancing around the house, walking in the park, yoga, tai chi, or anything else that makes you feel good qualifies as daily movement. Mix it up and have fun.

As a bonus, especially if you’re already used to working out, start saying affirmations as you do your daily movement. HERE are some great ones from Louise Hay. 

7. 10-15 minutes of clutter clearing every day. Set a timer and go! I don’t care if you shred 5 pieces of paper a day or delete 20 emails during your daily clutter clearing, if you do it daily your home and life will absolutely shift in dramatically positive ways. The video linked above can inspire you to do it, even though it can be hard!

8. Home Magnetism practice every day.  Any sensory rich home habit will light up your environment and boost your frequency in dazzling ways.

Here are a few examples:

  • play your favorite music
  • diffuse aromatherapy if you love it
  • spray your home with a high-vibe natural room spray– rosewater is awesome for this!
  • burn a dried bay leaf from your spice rack every day
  • light a candle beside you as you relax or while you eat dinner

You can do as many of these as you’d like. I encourage you to do what’s easy and fun, and if you want even more inspiration, THIS playlist of videos can give you even more ideas.

9. Do at least one Crafty/Artistic thing a day. It can vary by the day. Don’t skip this. It’s amazing.

One day, you might try your hand at painting some art on your nails, another might be the day you make a new recipe. You can paint, draw, sing, dance, sew, or make crafts… but you can also innovate by learning new makeup techniques, styling your hair in a new way, or anything else that’s a creative innovation. Do something fresh and new. Every single day. Even daily doodling counts!

I’ve been doing this for quite some time now and every day it becomes more amazing. I’ll be doing it for 75 more days with you, and loving every minute of it.

Don’t make it work, make it magic. If you customize it and lean into the journey, it will bring you more time, more greatness, and so much more supercharged genius.

I can’t wait to see and hear what happens.

It’s time to shine!



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