The School Of Intention Feng Shui Podcast Is Here!

Oct 19, 2023 | Feng Shui 101

the school of intention feng shui podcast is here

After many years of wanting to do a podcast– almost four years in full–  The School of Intention Podcast is HERE!

In fact, you can listen to episode one right here:

Season One is a daily dose of revolutionary Feng Shui, every Monday through Friday. These very short– between 6 and13 minute– episodes are coming to help you make yourself feel more at home in your home and in your life.  Each one is full of actions you can take to awaken more joy, power, creativity, and purpose in your home and your life.

In Season Two and on, we’re featuring epic guests that have powerful wisdom and genius to share.

It’s my intention that The School of Intention Podcast brings more synergy, community, learning, and expansion to all of us.

Why did it take so-so-so long to launch this podcast? We’ll probably do an episode about this. There were so many variables that convinced me to wait, and looking back I could have easily started four years ago if I took one big action first– clearing a lot of stored up personal trauma. Trauma wasn’t stopping me from being creative, feeling wildly happy, or loving everything that I do. I really didn’t think I had a trauma issue left to deal with. When Bob left this earth, all that trauma revealed itself, and I immediately started weekly EMDR therapy.  This weight of unhandled stuff was stashed away in my brain, energy field, and body quite stealthy, taking up space in my life that I can now use for so many new things.

Bob continues to bring me– and all of us– so many gifts. And. this podcast is one of them.

In this debut episode of The School of Intention Podcast, I dive into the origins of this revolutionary life-changing design practice and how you can embark on this transformative Feng Shui journey today.

My quest for purpose led me from Los Angeles to New York to Los Angeles again, searching for direction. I turned to wellness, personal growth, and self-help, and did it in a way that was not very helpful or well. 

My first pivotal lesson was this: trusting yourself is the key to growth.

I encourage you to focus on what’s right in your life, make small, joyful changes in your environment, and lay the foundation for a brighter future. And, I share an exercise that can help you begin your Feng Shui today.

I hope you follow along on this daily Feng Shui journey full of design, magic, self-discovery, and transformation.

You can listen to and follow The School of Intention Podcast–  HERE on Apple podcasts. And HERE on Spotify.

I hope you love it all!

I’m wishing you endless seasons full of magic ahead!




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