How To Use Your Books As An Oracle!

Nov 29, 2023 | Creativity

how to use your books as an oracle

You can use your books as an amazing oracle. In this episode of The School of Intention Podcast, we explore unique ways to connect with the forces of the universe through feng shui, delving into the profound insights gained by treating your books as oracles.

Discover the beauty of receiving daily guidance from the Universe, forging a deeper connection to your intuition and your true nature. Unlike traditional oracle methods, using books offers a distinct and thought-provoking experience.

Whether it’s spiritual books aligning with your beliefs, holy books, or books related to your current focus, each page turned reveals specific and valuable guidance.

Learn how to pose questions, open a book to a random page, and let the universe speak through the words you encounter.

Explore the diverse possibilities, from color therapy books suggesting daily hues to creativity-focused reads inspiring new projects. Join us in this transformative journey of using your books as guides, and don’t forget to organize your bookshelf for easy access to the wisdom within.

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