The Magic Of Finishing Unfinished Projects!

Dec 12, 2023 | Creativity

finish unfinished projects

Welcome to Episode 34 of the School of Intention Podcast: “The Magic of Finishing Unfinished Projects.” Unfinished projects are clutter that you can clear!

In this episode, I share my personal journey of completing a four-year-long unfinished project, exploring the pitfalls of perfectionism and excuses that often hinder progress. If you’ve ever felt stuck in the cycle of “I’ll do it later” or faced creative roadblocks, this episode is for you.

Learn the power of creating an “Unfinished Project List” and how it can free up mental space. Discover the transformative impact of setting meaningful deadlines and overcoming the quest for perfection. Uncover the clutter in your life caused by lingering unfinished projects and find out how finishing them can open doors to new opportunities.

Clear the mental clutter, set deadlines, and embrace the simplicity of getting things done. Tune in and unlock the magic of finishing your unfinished projects.


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