A Huge Tip To Help You Follow Your Intuition

Dec 14, 2023 | Sensory Goodness

follow your intuition

Welcome to Episode 36 of The School of Intention Podcast, where we explore a pivotal tip to enhance your trust in intuition and amplify breakthroughs. When you follow your feelings and instincts, it propels you toward the best paths, creating profound possibilities beyond anything you may be able to imagine right now.

Discover the challenge of trusting your intuition, often hindered by self-doubt and external pressures. Many, including myself, have faced the dilemma of feeling hesitant due to societal norms or fear of unconventional choices.

The key revelation: Trust your intuition by decluttering your life. Whether it’s your home, mind, or energy field, reducing chaos and creating order opens channels for clarity and creativity. Decluttering your mind through practices like meditation or simplifying your calendar promotes focused decision-making and reduced stress.

Explore the power of decluttering your energy, unveiling cosmic inspirations and clear guidance. Simple actions like a walk, opening windows, or Feng Shui space clearing can refresh your energy field, enhancing vitality and receptivity to positive ideas.

Take the leap, declutter, and witness how trusting your intuition leads to energizing affirmations and significant breakthroughs.

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