The Energetic Reasons Why I Love Collecting Houseplants

Dec 19, 2023 | Creativity


Why I Love Collecting HouseplantsWelcome to Episode 38 of the School of Intention Podcast! Join me, a Feng Shui Master, as I share my passion for collecting and growing plants.

With around 40 or 50 houseplants at the moment, I’ve experienced the multifaceted benefits they bring to life.

Plants provide a vital connection to nature, crucial in urban living or spending extended periods indoors. Even a small house plant on your desk fosters this connection, influencing the flow of energy in your life. Nurturing plants cultivates mindfulness, reminding us to care for ourselves and loved ones.

Beyond aesthetics, plants embody growth, wisdom, and prosperity, serving as constant reminders of expansion. They uplift spaces, and recent innovations even suggest that plants emit vibrations with messages of wisdom, enhancing our harmony and well-being.

Embrace the magic of plants, whether it’s one or many. Care for them, propagate them, and watch your energy field expand.

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