New Moon In Capricorn Feng Shui To Start Empire Building!

Jan 10, 2024 | Uncategorized

New Moon In Capricorn Feng Shui To Start Empire Building

Feng Shui for the first New Moon of 2024 on January 11, 2024, that’s wildly exciting and a burst of new energy!

Are you ready to rise up to a whole new level of energy, clarity, motivation, abundance, flow, and creativity?!

It’s time to shine.

The New Moon in Capricorn on Thursday brings us the first big dose of incredibly new 2024 energy that’s highly grounded and practical yet so exciting that it may feel like magic to you in the weeks ahead.

As the planets Mercury and Jupiter pick up speed this week, your ambitions and rewards expand.

In less than 11 days, Pluto moves into Aquarius to kick off a 20-year cycle of major positive change fueled by love and innovation.

And, this New Moon features all the planets united in the sky– a thrilling burst of energy.

–You might want to start taking walks or doing more revitalizing movement like yoga or stretching to open up your body and mind to more transformation.

–It’s also a wonderful week to commit to a mind-clearing practice like 15 minutes of journal writing or short sessions of meditation to build your calm focus.

As you quiet your mind, you’ll sink into more ease and relaxation that will bring you tremendous power and inspiration.

Today’s Feng Shui can help you to make the most of this first New Moon of 2024 to launch into a prosperous superflow in the months ahead!



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