To Manifest More, Focus On The Infinite Potential Of The Present Moment!

Mar 14, 2024 | Prosperity

manifest more focus on present moment

Welcome to Episode 74 of The School of Intention Podcast. In this episode, inspired by a student’s insight, we delve into the mindset shift necessary when tackling big projects or pursuing abundant goals. Rather than fixating on what’s left to achieve, I encourage you to celebrate progress and embrace the journey.

Just like many of you experienced on childhood road trips, by constantly asking “Are we there yet?” it make the journey feel endless. Similarly, obsessing over unmet goals can hinder progress. Instead, I encourage you to acknowledge accomplishments and find joy in the present moment.

Embracing the journey to your dreams as an adventure, rather than a tedious trek, fosters a magnetic energy that attracts success.

Adopt a mindset of abundance by focusing on what you have, letting your ideal outcomes be your North Star, and enjoying the creative process. By treating challenges as games and infusing tasks with fun, outcomes surpass expectations.

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