Singing Bowls And Sound Therapy!

Jun 29, 2013 | Sensory Goodness

singing bowl
I had tea with a dear friend who leaned in during our morning together and said, “You should try sound therapy.”

It was like a lightning bolt went off in my body. While I am a big believer in music to free an environment, I gravitate toward the senses of sight, touch and smell far more than sound. This gaping hole in my own experience of space was ready to be activated! It was no accident that Silver Sky Imports asked me the following day to review their gorgeous singing bowls!

Let’s get a bit into sound today and understand it’s nature.

Let’s start with the idea (fact) that sound is actually waves. Our ears can take in certain waves in the air and our brains decipher them. Based on the quality and type of wave, we have different emotional responses.

I am so fascinated that our ears can’t “hear” the waves of cell phones and computers but then, these devices translate waves like other brains for us, into sounds we know and understand.

That said our air is rife with more “waves” of sound than ever. This is all energy. It’s part of why I am so sensitive to high-electronic environments, for, at some level too many waves around me tend to make my own thoughts feel dispersed and scattered.

We are electric. We need to recharge our own energies.

I write a lot about color effects on our lives, and color is a wavelength as well. Some rare (and I feel, lucky!) individuals can actually see music as colors. They have a form of what is called synesthesia that defines how their brains and bodies process certain sensory information. I happen to feel things intensely and physically when I see them, which is how I account for my own personal aesthetic and my work in interiors and environments. Synesthesia is a big topic that we will delve into soon, but for today, lets look at magical sound.

Singing bowls produce different “notes” of music that are said to help integrate your body energy, help you to focus and get aligned physically and emotionally.

Big stuff, I know.

Now, I can’t make a real claim for the ability of anything to heal your body or mind, but I can share my experience. When I “sang” my own bowl that arrived yesterday, both dogs were engaged and at attention. The house felt at ease. My own thoughts became very still for a moment. As I play with it, I love it more and more. Mine is a D note, I feel… very creatively inspired. Each singing bowl plays its own notes. The notes vibe with different areas of your body’s energy .
This neat chart from Crystal Tones breaks down the energies and notes that correlate with different parts of your body, different colors, and your life. I thought it was a fascinating way to integrate sound and color and life.

sound therapy chart

I’ve been using my beautiful bowl to clear the air at home, and it’s quite incredible how quickly a little sound can change a space!

xoxo Dana



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  1. Jen

    Yes! I am so thrilled to see a post on singing bowls! When I can’t concentrate at work I put on background-noise music, and my favorites always include these bowls. You can practically feel them working as you listen. I keep visting them at my local music store, but haven’t purchased one as I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it! I’d love to get one for my new apartment, though!

  2. Lyna Jairam

    I’d love to win, because I’d love to try your singing bowls to improve the energy of my home and life 🙂 Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  3. Sandra S.

    Wow, thanks for posting this! I’ve been wondering about singing bowls and your article and the information and pictures on the Silver Sky Imports website was really fascinating. I love how you can listen to the actual sound certain singing bowls make, and I spent quite a while on the site listening and looking at them. And crystal singing bowls- wow, who knew? Bookmarking the site because they are lots of other neat things in the shop. It would be amazing to win the gift certificate!

  4. lisa parks

    for the past few years i have been transforming our home and gardens into our own little spiritual sanctuary. the impact on our souls and lives has been profound. it allows us to re-enter the chaos of the real world centered and clean and protected. sound is the one area i need to work on and would love a singing bowl.

  5. Rosalyn

    WOW! I just played the cobalt blue singing bowl and really felt that it sent waves
    of energy throughout my body. I have to have one of these how powerful they are.
    I hope to win, it would be great to add to my collection of bowls. Thank you for
    the blessings and opportunity to win one of your bowls.

  6. Christina

    Ooh, I would love to win! I am extremely energy-sensitive, and have been sick with a mystery illness for eight years now. When I listen to recordings of singing bowls, it helps me feel better, but I’ve always wanted a singing bowl of my own. When I experience them in person, the vibrations always affect me better than the recordings, but I haven’t been able to afford one of my own yet.

    • danaclaudat

      you are the winner, Christina!!! please email me at and I will give you the gift certificate information!!! yay!!!

  7. e

    I would like to win so I can revamp my home!

  8. amandeep

    I have always been facinated by tibetan bowls..would live to try them because I feel deep connection between music and mod of any place n person .. and I would love to have that relieving experience u r talking about..n cleanse my energies n my houses’ too…

  9. Hannah

    Oh I have always wanted a singing bowl! I bought my sister one as a birthday present once, and have hoped that one day the universe would gift me with one as well =) I have been fascinated with them since I studied physics of music in college (music performance major, that’s how I got in my “science” requirement, hah!), and my more recent explorations into yoga have only increased my interest. I would love to have one of each, but I think I need to start off with the heart chakra.

    • Ruthie Pfaff

      I find my D singing bowl so appealing. I would love to have an A singing bowl. Would love any &/all, but A seems to fulfill most things I need/want. THANKS!

  10. Phyllis Coppolino

    I need help in every area of my life and home. Winning and getting a singing bowl would be a great place to start to make a change for the better.

  11. Leda

    Started my life over 7 years ago. Now I’m engaged and we’re house shopping. 🙂
    It would be a beautiful thing to use this the first day in our new home.

  12. Eva-Marie

    I love the sound of the singing bowls at the yoga studio I attend. It would be lovely to have one of my own!

  13. Rebecca

    I would absolutely love an F singing bowl!

  14. Marcos

    I haven’t seen these in a long time. I remember that someone I knew used one and the sounds from the bowl really helped with my stress, when I was in school. Now that I’ve already graduated and starting my own business, I plan not to feel so stressed out. I would love to have something like this to relax my stressful work days.

  15. Nolan McCormick

    I would dearly love to have a singing bowl! The first time I heard one was at Bonnaroo with my mother, and now whenever I hear the awesome tone it reminds me of her! Thanks for considering!

  16. Hannah Jackson

    Wow how amazing. I’ve only had the opportunity to use a singing bowl once and it was wonderful. I would love to have one to call my own!

  17. Beck

    I have 3 kids, two of them being twin ‘terrible two’s’. Throw mama a bone?

  18. Sylvia

    I would love a singing bowl! I am devoting more time to nourishing my body and understanding how to ensure I have the tools to more positively impact the world. This would definitely fill the sound gap I have!

  19. Rebecca

    I would love to win the Silver Sky Imports gift certificate because I have been wanting a singing bowl for my home for a while, but particularly now that I have had my baby. I feel that it would be a great tool to help soothe him when he is beyond my abilities to soothe. I feel like the vibrations could help him with things as basic but uncomfortable as gas! The D or E bowl would be perfect, I feel, for that…
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a lovely prize!
    Much love,

  20. Stephanie

    I just discovered singing bowls. How lovely and I would really enjoy having one in my home.

  21. Erica

    I would love to win the gift certificate! I am taking a Vipassana meditation course this month and it would be nice to have some things to enhance my practice. 🙂

  22. Tatiana Montesino

    Hello and Namaste:)
    I would be delighted to win this wonderful treasure of a gift. I have studied sound healing and invested long ago in a very small first singing bowl, homemade in Nepal. I would LOVE to extend my knowledge, love, and passion for true healing and wellness through the magic of sound, vibration, and light energy. It would be a great gift to my meditation and yoga practice, as well as wonderful to share more singing bowl love with those around me. 🙂 Love, T

  23. Jen

    Ooh, ooh!! 🙂


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