Imagine how exciting it would be if nothing was standing between you and everything you want?!

Today I want to share the Creating Genius  e-book with you and I hope that you get started today.

This began over a decade ago when I finally melted down after juggling four jobs at a time in Hollywood, trying to find a way to live up to my potential – potential I knew I had but couldn’t reach.

I was stuck but I didn’t know it. I thought I was creating so much. But, all my creativity was scattered, just like my mind.  Nothing stable or exciting or powerful ever manifested.

When my life truly melted down in profound exhaustion and illness, I found Feng Shui. I found it as I searched for a way to feel more at home while I was stuck at home recovering.

I learned that my home was mirroring my life: All the scattered, cluttered, confused and neglected stuff around me was just a snapshot of my own mind.

As I created a new space and new habits, I found I could finally build things that lasted and actually started to grow!  

Money accumulated instead of draining away, my energy and inspiration flourished and I created a life I dreamed about living.

I somewhat accidentally became a Feng Shui Master, first helping everyone around me to get unstuck by changing their homes, then working with thousands of people to change their spaces and change their lives. It was a mission I never anticipated.

I’m so excited to share this creative life un-blocking with you.  Its contents have helped thousands of people to find more joy, passion and genius.


We all know that creativity is a huge force, yet not all of us tap into it readily. It seems some people are luckier than others, some are more talented, some have more money to live their dreams…

But: you are just as lucky, talented, special, valuable and prosperous.

You might just be blocked.

Some of the big reasons why creativity gets blocked:

  • Negativity and lots of limiting ideas flourish in life and pile up as clutter in our homes and clouds in our minds.
  • Creative blocks attract more creative blocks. Chaos, anxiety, stuck-feelings and drama can pull you away from your mission to be un-stuck.
  • When you are stuck, this echoes into every aspect of life- from love to money to joy to wellbeing.

When you can move past creative blocks, life expands in incredible and joyful ways.


Feng Shui in my way is designing a space that is optimal for you –  for you very specifically– to balance your life, free yourself from clutter and chaos, and welcome in abundance in all of its many forms: creativity, wisdom… and, yes, money and love, too!

  • Your home looks gorgeous and alive with energy.
  • You love waking up in the morning to make things happen (bye-bye snooze-button)!
  • You feel confident and certain, even in uncertain circumstances. You can find solutions!
  • You live with more synchronicity.
  • You have focus and you have fun!
  • You inspire people around you, rather than feeling drained by them.
  • You sleep more soundly and might even be more feel physically flexible.
  • You make time for what you love.
  • You smile more and stress out much less.
  • You live with more synchronicity- that magic, Midas Touch.

Plus: You’ll be ready to take more leaps, more positive risks, more playing it big instead of feeling limited!


And, that’s just the start.  I’ve seen dream jobs manifest out of the blue, creative projects take flight that were floundering, soulmates arrive and even $500,000 investments for creative endeavors pop out of nowhere when a home was energized with Feng Shui to unblock life!

While I can’t guarantee anything specific to you, I can guarantee that you will experience tons of powerful shifts in energy from the Feng Shui in Creating Genius. 


This is not woo-woo magic, this is really powerful stuff supported in large part by science, as well as thousands of years of tradition.

There are other schools and forms of Feng Shui that say that lucky totems need to go in a certain corner of your home to bring a certain benefit, etc, etc.  We will not be doing any of that stuff!  I want you to have a home you love as well as an awesome life, and there’s no superstition needed.  So, if you’ve read that you will have bad luck this year, or that your bed is in a place that is not good for your fortune or anything else, I’m here to tell you that none of this is true!

Feng Shui at its best is simple, practical and empowering.



  • 8 Feng Shui Rituals to create a Fresh Start any time you need one.
  • 11 Ways to Design more Productivity & Prosperity into your life.
  • 3 Powerful De-Stress Routines
  • 7 Feng Shui Ways to Manifest More of What You Want
  • 13 Methods of Confidence-Boosting & Revitalizing (gorgeously!)
  • 8 Big ways to Bring More Love into life!  (LOVE is the force of brilliant genius!!!)
There are over 130 pages of practical ideas, rituals and routines waiting for you to make them your own!

You can dive in and do every exercise in this book from start to finish and make a profound shift in your space and life.

Or, you can start with some of the exercises that grab your attention and you’ll instantly start to free up more creative fire in an awesome way.  You’ll build momentum, you’ll start new projects, your life will glow and your home will reflect your confidence and empowerment!


Creating Genius : Feng Shui to balance & unblock your life.  It’s 50 days and 50 ways of guidance and goodies to bring you more focus, more flow, more creativity and a lifestyle that’s exponentially more magical and abundant.

It’s $13.99.

Working with me one-on-one costs at least 71 times more, and you’ll have this book as a reference and a creative catalyst forever.

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MY GUARANTEE: I totally guarantee I have given you rigorously-tested, refined and much-praised methods of Feng Shui and creative-unblocking rituals, tools and routines. Because you are getting all the goods in one download, there are no refunds for this e-book.

P.S…I’m here if you need me!

I’m thrilled to answer all of your Feng Shui questions to help you to get un-stuck, increase your creativity, live a more luscious life, feel more balance and yes… be even more of the genius that you are! Grab your copy of Creating Genius HERE and get started!