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Whether you’re joining in The School for Professional or Personal Development, experiencing this Training can’t help but change your life!

This Training is deeply comprehensive and rich in information, but the focus is on PRACTICE. Learning things is wonderful, but in The School we apply the work in profound ways. You’ll start by living with even more Infinite Possibility, Creativity and Intention in your home and life. And you’ll bring all of your talents, gifts, wisdom and expertise in all realms to your personal Feng Shui Practice. Your genius shines in this Training. If you have questions, please feel free to send a message below!


You’ll create environments that open lives to greater possibility in every way as you work with this Feng Shui Method that is completely flexible, customizable and unlimited. Much of Feng Shui is bound to strict rules, creating luck and avoiding bad fortune. I don’t believe in any of those things. I believe in Infinite Possibility. And, this Method empowers people to create their own luck every single day!


Creativity is all of life. Your environment has vast influence on your creativity. Creativity brings life to life! This work is deeply focused on awakening to higher levels of self-expression, creating life, creating abundance, creating joy and creating environments that are unique, dynamic and activating! Every aspect of the work—and the training itself—is ultra-creative and incredibly fun.

Many students have brought their creative expertise and gifts of Intuition, Astrology, Coaching, Healing Arts, Fine Arts, Interior Design, Business Consulting, Professional Organizing, Teaching and so much more into their Feng Shui practice to unlock and amplify creativity in amazing ways.


Intention is commonly referred to when talking about what you want- wishes, dreams and desires. Intention also includes how you move through every day with purpose, focus, radiance and magnetism. Living with powerfully focused intention can transform life completely. Living in a space designed with very powerful and personal intention infused everywhere you look helps you to make quantum leaps forward in life on every level. Intention is the engine behind this revolutionary Feng Shui and all that we do in this Training. It’s a huge supercharger for all of life!


BUSINESS IS INCREDIBLY CREATIVE! Every Session of the Training closes with an immersion in creative business practices to bring your work to the world. There is no gatekeeping of secrets here- you will learn everything about both my approach to business and the tools I use to bring it all to life, including cutting-edge social media strategies, content creating and designing offers and websites that reflect your passions, including so many free and low-cost options to launch into your Professional Practice brilliantly, right away! Every Graduate of The School has my full support in bringing their work to the world.

“Dana is a rock star when it comes to sharing everything she knows.

I loved the Facebook group. She offered live videos there throughout every week and the other participants were amazing and supportive.
She has given us practical tools to work with clients and lots of support to make all the learning our own.

My confidence went way up over the 3 months and I’ve already offered an online Feng Shui course myself because of it.

The course covers so many aspects of Feng Shui from history and modern approaches to how to manage a professional consult. I am so happy I enrolled and excited for how I will be able to use this knowledge to help people and to create a new income stream for my healing practice.

Thank you, Dana!”

Susan Seale

“The tools gifted to me through the Tao of Dana School of Intention transformed my life.

I now have a solid skillset I use to transform physical environments. What I didn’t expect, was how much my interior life would change during the course of the programme.

I am an eternal optimist and recognize beauty in all its forms naturally. Yet this course / life event helped me become even more attuned to moments of beauty and wonder within my world and that beyond my immediate realm.

I know that everything I’ve gained through the Professional Feng Shui Certification Course has to do with Dana’s exuberance, her deep understanding of the philosophy, her diligence and her regard for course participants.

As an African, programmes like these are usually beyond my reach because of the character of our currencies. Dana’s responsiveness and generosity of spirit, meant that I could have access to this powerful programme.”

Joy Sasman


Because this program is so unique, it’s my highest intention to bring together people who are most aligned with the work and can have the greatest experience. Plus, I love getting to know you! Below you can schedule a call where we can talk about your gifts, talents and dreams and how they can shine with this life-changing design. I look forward to speaking with you!

“All things remarkable are surprisingly simple! The School of Intention is just that. A remarkable journey into endless possibilities made simply accessible. Dana Claudat is a Master Teacher. Her super power is making complicated concepts simple and obtainable. You will learn the applications of Feng Shui but most of all you will learn about yourself. Dana masterfully shows you the way to create your best life and how to share it with others. This journey is not to be missed. It has been a great honor to study with and learn from Dana. I use her everyday magic every day for myself and others.”

Eduarda Amondragon

Author + Artist
“The School of Intention is so much more than I could have imagined. I’ve long had a fascination with Feng Shui, and have almost as long been a fan of Dana’s (Claudat).

When she offered SoI, I jumped at the chance to participate, even though the curriculum, at first glance, wouldn’t necessarily be helpful in my career. What I learned in just the first few sessions has enhanced my work (as a writer and in my other pursuits), changed the energy of my home, and even elevated my personal and professional relationships alike. Every session and lesson is a pleasure, and I thoroughly enjoy the webinars and homework.

I highly recommend SoI and all of Dana’s work, and encourage anyone with even a passing interest to dive in head-first.”

Honorée Corder

Author + Book Strategist
“Feng Shui is a fantastic way to get deeper understanding of yourself through your home. There is no limits for how far you can get an understanding of your dreams, your life, your blocks and everything. So, to work with the Feng Shui in your own life, and then support clients from your experience, that is a fantastic gift to be able to share with the world.

And Dana’s classes have given me so much inspiration and a deep, deep understanding about the processes and how you can connect crystals, cleaning methods, cleaning with energies and cleaning your home, using flowers, fruits, everything…. how to make the energy, the absolutely highest that you want to have in your life. I love it. Thank you. And good luck everyone who is going to do the course!”



Sign up below for all the details about the upcoming Session of the School of Intention Professional Feng Shui Training.