Feng Shui 101 E-Book

“turn The Place Where You Live” Into A Home You Love!

What would your life be like if you woke up every day excited, greeted by a space that looked and felt like “you” at your very best?

How would you feel if you were deeply in love with your home?

For years, I didn’t want to invest the time or the money I thought I needed to invest into “decorating” a space because I wished it would just be a temporary place to live.  It made no sense to settle into a place that seemed like it wasn’t going to last very long.  Why put in the expense and time to settle in where I didn’t want to stay?

After many years of moving homes almost every year, bouncing through Hollywood, I was without real roots in the ground.  Each time I got burned out and exhausted from my chaotic life, it took longer to recover.  Until, that is, I got sick, landed in the hospital for an extended stay, and, afterward, found myself recovering in the “place where I lived” that looked like a stranger’s house.  This should have been my home, but I would never call it “home.”

I realized I needed a HOME, not just a place to live.

A feeling of home is calm, grounded, successful, energized, focused and fulfilling. Feeling at home can help you make your dreams come true.

On a quest to turn the place where I lived into my home, my Feng Shui studies began. Slowly, as my space started to reflect my style, and as I tested out all the Feng Shui I was learning, I healed my body.  In the process, I discovered the magic and power of environment.


Feng Shui in my view is about designing a space that is optimal for you –  for you, very specifically– to balance your life, free yourself from clutter and chaos, and welcome in abundance in all of its many forms, including : wellness, creativity, wisdom, money and love!

It’s pretty easy to understand Feng Shui this way:  As a human being you may feel you are “composed” of a mind, a body and maybe a soul… but, all these components need a PLACE to exist.  Your environment is the stage upon which your life plays out every day.

Would you watch a movie shot in front of only blank walls with poor lighting and terrible sound?  It’s striking that so many people immediately say “No Way!” when I ask them that question, yet many of the same people live in a home that doesn’t feel like a home.


There are other schools and forms of Feng Shui that deal with strict dogma, limiting belief systems and even superstition. I don’t practice that type of Feng Shui.

So, if you’ve read that you will have bad luck this year, or that your door faces in a bad fortune direction, I am here to tell you that none of this is true!

Feng Shui at its best is simple, practical and positive!


Chances are you already have most everything you need to design an amazing home (and life!) already.

You probably don’t need much of anything new to create an incredible home, and great Feng Shui in this way is always great design.

Chances are, you know what you need and want at home. You may just need a few tools to help guide you through the process of reorganizing and designing this space beautifully.  That’s why I decided to create a very simple eight-week guide to Feng Shui. You can use it to create a home that you love and manifest more of what you want.

“Feng Shui 101 helped me in understanding Feng Shui in a practical and applicable way. 
Many options are provided to suit your personal style, I was able to make instant energy shifts in my space with some of the Techniques. It is really up to you to make it your own. If you are interested in Feng Shui but are hesitant to start and with little interest in traditional items such as coins, you could begin here, plus there are wonderful bonus videos, too.”


“Your suggestions are always intuitive and very easy to employ, and they have such a big impact on my living areas (and my life!). I’ve had people walk into my room, literally sigh, and say that it makes them feel at ease. I’ve taken your advice on how to make a small room feel more inviting and less claustrophobic, and your advice about an old boyfriend’s isolating, minimalist bedroom was very eye-opening for me, in many ways. I look forward to putting your knowledge and creative ideas into practice in my newest apartment!”

Jennifer P.

Los Angeles
“I came across Dana’s Website a while ago, before she had “Camp’s” and I knew immediately that this was “my person” and she was going to bring lots of Positive and Light to my world. Well, I had no idea! I didn’t even hesitate with this little gift to myself,  without knowing her when I got the Feng Shui 101 Book. Well, it started me on this life changing mission.”



Feng Shui 101 is an experiential e-book.

I walked through the process of a full Feng Shui Consultation, whittled it down to eight steps you can do over eight weeks, then provided you with the essential information you need to Feng Shui your dream home…and dream life!:

  • Each week you’ll read a bit on a subject that relates to your experience of space, followed by a Brainstorm and Exercises. The idea is that you aren’t going to be just reading, you will be doing something every week.
  • You will gain focus and clarity as you make simple changes in your home and routine that save you time, money, stress and complications.
  • There are two, hour-long online Feng Shui classes included in the e-book as you read.  Yes: I’ve included links to 2 complete Feng Shui classes, that I’ve delivered online that are pre-recorded. The creativity class linked within will give you a treasure chest of inspiration, ideas and actual scientific wisdom to inspire all sorts of fresh thoughts, decisions and artistry.
  • I’ve linked several videos throughout the guide to shed more light on topics we are discussing, so that you can really dig deeper into ideas.
  • You will welcome in so much new energy, so many fresh ideas and all sorts of abundance.
  • And, I’ve included 8 Bonus Sheets (one for each week) that cover so much: the basics of color, sleeping better, artistry+ creativity and much more!

You will have a fresh space, you’ll be immersed in more style, you’ll have a handful of luscious personalized sensory goodies that light up your life and you will have a much more clear sense of purpose. Mainly, and most importantly, you will have a home you love when you are done with Feng Shui 101.

Feng Shui 101.  It’s eight weeks of guidance and inspiration to bring you more focus, more flow, more creativity and more energy. It will guide you to create a place you love to call home.

It’s $19.98. And, you can download it below.

Working with me one-on-one in person costs at least 30 times more. This book is the closest things I could create to working with me one-on-one, and you can repeat it any time you want.

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