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Design, re-design, energize, organize and magnetize your home to support your dreams.

Whatever you intend to experience in life – more energy, peace, love, creativity, self-empowerment, prosperity, focus or anything else – you can design these Intentions into your home. While the entire Method is an evolution of Feng Shui, what is more unique is that this work is a collaboration. I will not tell you what you “must do.” Instead, I work with you to discover the perfect solutions for your space, your needs, your style, your Feng Shui and your joy!


We customize a big energy clearing routine to create a Fresh Start at home in a profound way, and add in daily space clearing habits to keep your space shining.


Your home and life will become incredibly magnetic as you dive into many habit shifts and methods supported by Science and found in Nature, along with the power of your Intention to amplify the flow in every day.


Colors, art, furniture placement, new furnishings as you desire them, DIY projects and more will be used to style and energize your home.


We’ll design your Intentions—all your wishes, dreams and desires– into your home in a profound and easy way to support your goals, boost your mood, shift your perspective and manifest powerfully.


Your Feng Shui Elements will be customized and used in remarkable ways to help you to create more from your true Nature, where you are most powerful and glow the brightest.


Awakening your creativity, reaching higher levels of self-expression, connection, and actualization of all of your talents and gifts is a core feature of these consultations and an endless joy.

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To book a Feng Shui Consultation please reach out below and we will be in contact within 24 hours to schedule with you.

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“I have had the pleasure of working with Dana on multiple difficult projects to incredible results. Not matter the capacity, work, home or fun, she comes in with intuitive and innovative concepts that feel natural and creative at the same time! 

Time and time again, I have been confronted with difficult spaces and unorthodox room requests. I have never been afraid of them, because I know Dana will come in with a beautiful, intuitive and organic solution that brings spaces to life! Having worked with her on numerous personal and professional projects, she is always the first one I call and recommend. 

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to have worked with Dana on numerous personal and professional projects of all scopes. Every time I get to bring her on to a project I am confident that the outcome will not only be beautiful, but intentional to the space and smooth for everyone involved. I look forward to many more in the coming years!”

Alexis Hyde

Art Consultant + Curator
“The change in energy has resulted in my personal life dramatically improving. I have more clarity on what I want in life, and just as importantly what I don’t want or won’t settle for. My financial situation has improved dramatically as well, and there are new doors of opportunities that have opened up. I also returned to finish my Executive MBA!”

Sandro Siles, CA

“Working with Dana Claudat was both eye-opening and a total joy! I was temporarily renting a home while our house was under construction. The family moved from the rental because they couldn’t get pregnant and felt stuck in their work, so they went back to NY. I asked Dana to come Feng Shui the rental for us, and the things she picked up on were incredible. There were decorative clocks that didn’t move.. which made for stuck energy. There was a HUUUUUGE mirror (which represents water)  in the fire/career section of the house. And there was a decorative skull next to a baby book (the woman who formally lived in the house miscarried). Woa. Dana removed the stuck clocks, swapped out the mirror for art that had trees with red leaves, removed the skull art, and we placed Yoni stones at the four corners of our bed. One week later, I was pregnant! 

Naturally, I had to hire Dana for our new home that we were building. I now come home every date elated to by in my space. It feels soooo good. Also, all our family and career dreams are coming true. No doubt having a space that supports our life is a seminal part of all our dreams coming true. 

Thank you Dana for all your amazing help and work!”

Jenny Alden

Melanie Rieders, Apartment Therapy



Do I need to buy new furniture or paint my walls?

Unless you are in the market for all new furniture, we use most of what you already have.

Painting walls is not ever required. And, if you are renting your space we can arrive at the perfect renter-friendly solutions for your home.

How do I get ready for an Online Feng Shui Consultation?

It is remarkably easy to prepare for an Online Feng Shui Consultation. If you fill out the contact form that is above on the page, you will have all the specifics emailed to you. If you have a smartphone you have all the technology you’ll need to prepare, and the entire process is very simple.

Does it work as well to do Feng Shui online? Isn’t it easier to be in someone’s home?
I have found since 2008 that the Online Feng Shui experience is equal to– if not superior to—Feng Shui Consultations done in person.
Do you need to know my birthday?
Is this Feng Shui religious?

Not at all. Some Feng Shui is religious. This unique Method and the way I work is not religious at all, and the work is open to people of all faiths and belief systems.

Do you share my personal information with anyone?
Our entire consultation is 100% confidential, unless you decide you want to share your success story with the world!